Wendy's is selling a former McDonald's fan-favorite item

Burger King is adding a "Snack Box" to its menu next month.

Wendy's is selling a former McDonald's fan-favorite item

CNN New York --

McDonald's fans who miss their 'Snack Wraps' from McDonald's can now get their fix at a competitor.

Wendy's will be adding a new grilled ranch chicken wrap to their menu starting Tuesday. This move could draw customers who are eager for this fan-favorite dish back. Wendy's will offer a $6.29 grilled chicken ranch wrap that includes shredded cheddar cheese and romaine lettuce.

Wendy's wrap differs from McDonald's because Wendy's 'didn't want a McBland snack-wrap dupe,' stated Carl Loredo (Wendy's global chief marketing officers). CNN was informed by Loredo that grilled chicken has been used to replace the crispy chicken in McDonald's wraps. This is because Wendy's customers are looking for lighter and more portable options.

This new menu item replaces the 'Go Wrap' spicy chicken wrap that Wendy's had to discontinue in 2020. Covid-19 was a factor in many fast-food chains simplifying their menus. Loredo stated that the new wrap is more like a meal than a snack and contains the same freshness as our salads in a portable package.

McDonald's (MCD), in 2016, discontinued 'Snack Wraps' because franchisees complained they were too difficult to make. They were still being served by some franchisees until McDonald's (MCD), which then phased them out.

McDonald's has been requesting that their snack wraps be returned for years. A Change.org petition with over 17,000 signatures and daily mentions via Twitter have raised this demand.

McDonald's joked last November about the wraps, 'it's simpler to order snack wraps then to get these tickets.' This sparked rumors that the food was being returned, but McDonald's squashed those rumors by saying that there were 'no plans'.

Fast food chains often compete for customers' attention when they offer the same menu items. Wendy's could have an advantage if they can sell a popular menu item that isn't available in its larger competitors. Wendy's isn't necessarily the only chain that sells wraps. Other chicken-centric chains like Chick-fil A and Kentucky Fried Chicken also offer their own versions.

Wendy's next week menu will feature a grilled chicken Cobb salad as well as a blueberry-pomegranate lemonade. Loredo hopes that this social media sensation will be a hit due to its unique purple hue.