Weddings at the Edge of the World

How far would you go for your wedding? These adventurous couples trekked to Mount Everest base camp, skied down the Rockies and swam in the Cozumel Channel to say 'I do.'

Weddings at the Edge of the World

Austin O'Reilly, Iulia O'Reilly, and their guests crossed a suspension bridge that swayed, while trying to avoid looking down on the glacial river beneath. The bridge was swaying under the weight and people of yaks. Mr. O'Reilly (25), had seen similar bridges on the 2015 film 'Everest'. He was now on the titular mountain with his fiancée: crossing jagged moraines, traversing rocky terrain, and walking a precarious, narrow bridge.

There was no way back, no matter how terrifying the bridge had been. At 17,600 feet above sea level, Mr. O'Reilly told his audience that they were 'hanging on for dear lives' and knew their wedding was at the end of this journey.

The couple, who live in New York, met in New Jersey in 2019 via mutual friends. They bonded over their love for the outdoors and traveling. Nothing felt right when looking for a venue to host a wedding in 2022. The idea was popularized and had an additional benefit: it would be cheaper than a wedding in the United States.

"We wanted something that would both challenge us and show our love for one another," said Mr. O'Reilly. He is an accountant with Deloitte.

The couple, Ms. O'Reilly's mother and two friends of Mr. O'Reilly arrived at the base camp on May 22. The distant rumbles of avalanches accompanied the 10-minute ceremony. "Just you, your loved one, and a higher force up there," said Ms. O'Reilly. She is a Fox researcher.

The bride wore an oversized white dress and the groom was dressed in a suit. They both wore hiking booties. He said, 'With the backdrops of the icefalls and glaciers and hearing avalanches far away, you have a really powerful moment. And you are also deprived a lot oxygen.'

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