US Postal Service Buys 92500 Ford E-Transit Vans–Builds Out Charging

The United States Postal Service awarded contracts today for 9,250 commercially available left-hand drive (LHD) battery electric vehicles (BEVs) as well as initial orders for more than 14,000 charging…

US Postal Service Buys 92500 Ford E-Transit Vans–Builds Out Charging

Today, the United States Postal Service announced contracts for 9,250 left-hand drive (LHD), battery electric vehicles (BEVs). It also placed initial orders for over 14,000 charging stations that will be installed at Postal Service facilities. These awards align with the USPS's vehicle electrification strategy, which was announced in December 2022 by high-ranking White House officials.

From Inflation Reduction Act funds. Plan announced plans to acquire a 75 percent electric fleet Next Generation Delivery Vehicles (NGDV) over the next five-years. The exact locations of the vehicles and infrastructure are still being finalized. This will depend on route characteristics and whether a left-hand-drive vehicle is suitable for mission. "We are continuing to move forward with our plans for simultaneously improving our service, reducing our cost, growing our revenue and improving the working environment of our employees. Thank you, Postmaster General. "We have created a strategy to reduce both cost and risk for deployment, which allows execution of this initiative to start now. Again, I want to thank all the members of Congress and Administration who helped us with this initiative. The Postal Service won a bid to purchase 9,250 Ford E-Transit Battery Electric Vehicles. , and the issuance of the Record of Decision pursuant the National Environmental Policy Act. Ford E-Transit BEVs manufactured in
Kansas City
, Missouri.

Awards for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The Postal Service awarded three competitive contracts to three suppliers to purchase more than 14,000 charging stations in order to support charging of all newly purchased electric vehicles. The EVSE inventory includes the hardware and software required to charge electric vehicles at the locations from which they will be delivered.

Steady Progress in Ongoing Commitment To Electrifying America’s Largest, and Oldest Federal Fleet

The Postal Service is committed to the mission-capable, fiscally responsible roll-out of electric vehicles for America's oldest and largest federal fleet. Over the past twelve months, the agency has continuously assessed its infrastructure and operational capabilities, financial position, including IRA funds, as well as vehicle mix deployment. The Postal Service expects that the total commitment of funds for vehicles and charging infrastructure by 2028 will result in 106,000 delivery cars and 66,230 delivery vehicles. All awards announced today are contingent upon the Postal Service meeting all requirements under the National Environmental Policy Act.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an independent federal institution that has been mandated to be self-financing. It delivers mail and packages to almost 165 million addresses every day, often six days a week. Modernize the postal network, ensure long-term financial sustainability, improve service across all mail and shipping types, and keep the organization one of America's most trusted and valued brands.

The Postal Service does not receive any tax dollars to cover its operating expenses. Instead, it relies on the sale and purchase of postage, products, and services to pay for its operations.