TriCore's cannabis lab Precision Botanical is now open in Albuquerque

TriCore's cannabis lab Precision Botanical is now open in Albuquerque

TriCore announced on Wednesday that its subsidiary cannabis testing lab, Precision Botanical Laboratories is now open.

The lab, which is 3,540 square feet in size and separate from the medical labs of the company, offers all state-required testing to manufacturers and producers.

Eric Carbonneau is TriCore's Chief Operating Officer. He said that by talking with growers and manufacturers the lab was able to learn how to expand their panels beyond the regulatory requirements of the state.

The lab is able to test for 14 different cannabinoids, and 39 different terpenes. The lab's equipment can also test for Hops latent Viroid (HLVd), a disease that affects over 30% of cannabis in the United States.

Carbonneau stated that they were able to create a menu for growers which is not about the regulatory environment but rather optimizing crops and making them successful. We're still working on the grower's list as we go forward.

Carbonneau, in December, told Albuquerque Business First how working with cannabis presents a new challenge for TriCore.

He said, 'What took us by surprise was that we were dealing with samples from non-humans.' Now we are dealing with edibles, plants, flowers and extracts. "We've had the challenge of figuring out what growers need and want, what state needs and what to do with these sample types."

Precision Botanical is preparing for its future growth by receiving an inspection this summer from the International Organization for Standardization based on their application.

Carbonneau stated that if the federal government made a change, and we could move products across state borders, people would view us as a lab capable of handling national accounts.

TriCore announced its Albuquerque lab opening last week, just a few days after BlueBonnet Labs.

New Mexico has five labs that service over 1,400 growers, manufacturers and other businesses.