Top Wall Street Analysts Favor These Stocks for the Long Haul

Top Wall Street Analysts Favor These Stocks for the Long Haul

S&P 500 & Nasdaq both had a strong performance in the first six months of 2023 thanks to a rally in tech stocks. TipRanks is a platform which ranks analysts according to their performance in the past.

The first is the chipmaker

The company reported fiscal third quarter results that were better than expected in late June. The company warned that China's recent ban on its products remains a major obstacle. Hari's advice is worth taking into consideration, since he ranks No. TipRanks tracks more than 8,400 analysts. TipRanks (TipRanks)

Restaurant chain

Inflation is driving up input costs. Analysts' checks indicate that TXRH will deliver the second-quarter growth in same-store sales ahead of the consensus estimate, which is 8.2%. Setyan believes that the continued growth in food prices, including beef, will be more than offset by the sales strength of the company. Setyan, in line with his investment theory, reaffirmed the buy rating for the stock at a price of $123 with a target. TipRanks has a ranking of more than 8400 analysts. TipRanks (TipRanks)

The next on the list this week is Cruise Operator

The company expects to gain from strong bookings, increased pricing and a reprioritization of consumer travel spending. Analyst noted that CCL paid off $1.4 billion in its debt during the second fiscal quarter. CCL's debt is expected to drop to below $33 billion at the end of 2023 due to improved cash flow. Feinseth reiterated a buy rating for CCL, and raised his price target from $13 to $23. TipRanks (TipRanks)

Feinseth also has high hopes for database software maker

The company, which has raised its guidance for the full year after delivering market-beating financial results in the first quarter of fiscal 2014 ended on April 30, beats expectations. Feinseth believes that MDB stock will continue to rise, even after a solid rally of MDB shares in the past year. TipRanks (TipRanks)

E-commerce giant

Prime Day is held annually on the 11th and 12th of July. The analyst expects a strong demand for Prime Day 2023 despite the difficult macroeconomic backdrop. Anmuth highlighted its initiatives over the last two years in order to strengthen the network. Anmuth continues to have the "best idea" with a rating of buy and a target price of $145. Anmuth ranks No. TipRanks tracks more than 8,400 analysts. TipRanks (TipRanks)