The Trump Rape Trial Enters its Final Phase

A shooting in Texas leaves multiple people dead and the search for a motive continues.

The Trump Rape Trial Enters its Final Phase


The Trump rape case enters its final phase

Today, lawyers delivered the closing arguments in E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit against Donald Trump accusing him of battery and defamation. Tomorrow, the jury in Manhattan begins deliberations.

Carroll, former Elle magazine columnist, claimed that Trump raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman department store dressing room in the mid-1990s.

Trump didn't testify, nor did he show up for the two-week long trial.

Kate Christobek said, 'The past few days have really brought home the gravity of an ex-president being tried for civil rape allegations.' "Carroll's lawyers started showing more footage from rallies, debates, and his deposition. You could feel his presence even if he was not physically present in the courtroom."

Carroll's lawyer reminded the jury in closing arguments that no one is above the law, not even the former president. Trump's attorneys, who did not call any witnesses, dismissed the allegations as unlikely because the store was in a public area and Trump was well-known at the time.

Now the jury will decide if Trump is liable. He may be forced to pay damages or retract his statements that were disparaging of Carroll's case.

Trump remains the frontrunner for the Republican nomination in 2024. Trump has not yet faced any serious political issues as a result of the trial or other legal cases brought against him.


Finding motive for a Texas shooting

Investigators are trying find out why a gunman shot and killed at least eight people in a shopping mall in Allen, Texas yesterday. On the Russian social networking site OK.RU, a profile that is believed to belong to him, contains hateful rants about Black people and women, and even praises Hitler. Two law enforcement officials stated that the man identified by two police officers as the gunman Mauricio Garca, seemed to be a white supremacist.

What we know so far about the shooting.

Separately in Brownsville, Texas, authorities charged a man for manslaughter, among other crimes, after they said he drove through a group migrants with his vehicle, killing eight.


The confusion caused by evacuation orders in Ukraine

Russian officials are ordering residents in some occupied territories to leave as fighting intensifies ahead of an anticipated Ukrainian counteroffensive. Residents of the occupied areas describe a confusion-filled atmosphere as gas stations, grocery shelves and A.T.M.s are empty.

According to Ukrainian officials, and Western analysts, no Russian troops were seen withdrawing from Zaporizhzhia where people did not seem to be following evacuation orders. According to Ukrainian officials and Western analysts, Moscow's forces continue to build defensive fortifications as a sign of their preparation for future battles.


Plan for reparations

Over the weekend, a California panel approved recommendations that could result in hundreds of billions of dollar payments to Black residents for past injustices. The panel of academics, elected officials and lawyers produced a detailed proposal on how to handle restitution to address racist harms such as housing discrimination, mass imprisonment and unequal health care access. It will be up the legislators to consider and then decide if they want to make these recommendations into law.

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Americans dislike wobble and goo

Foods around the globe are characterized by complex taste sensations, such as the chewy texture of tripe and the thick slickness in okra. These complex textures are not popular in the U.S. where people prefer crunchy and creamy.

It could be because certain textures like crunchiness gave early humans an evolutionary advantage as a way to indicate freshness. It could also be the result of the proliferation of processed, prepackaged foods that remove all fuss and complexity.

Seasonal allergies affect mental health

Allergies affect our sleep patterns, energy levels and sense of smell. They can also impact our productivity, mental sharpness, and mental clarity. There is a growing body of evidence that shows the link between allergies and mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. Adults are also at a greater risk for psychiatric disorder.


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Spoiler Alert: Spoilers do not spoil everything

One basic civility rule is unchallenged in today's polarized world: Don't give away the plot of a TV show or film to someone who's not seen it yet. This is because it will ruin the enjoyment of that person.

New research published in Applied Cognitive Psychology suggests this is not true. Researchers found that viewers who already knew the ending of a TV show were equally engaged and enjoyed the story as those who did not. This is because people are hard-wired to not only absorb facts, but to also get lost in stories and characters – even when they already know the outcome.