The essentials list: Barry's CEO Joey Gonzalez shares his 7 workout essentials

Joey Gonzalez, CEO of Barry's, shares his seven workout must-haves with CNN Underscored.

The essentials list: Barry's CEO Joey Gonzalez shares his 7 workout essentials

Joey Gonzalez reluctantly attended his first Los Angeles Bootcamp class almost 20 years ago. He says, 'It was a barrier to entry and very nerve-wracking because I thought it would not be easy.' After the class he was still a little nervous, but for a completely different reason. 'It was the best experience even though I'm not the fastest or strongest.' I loved being with people who shared my interests and were friendly.

Gonzalez has returned to the studios many times, rising from a client to an instructor and finally to a manager. He became so invested that he invested his own money in the company to open studios.

Gonzalez now oversees 85 sites in 14 countries and is the global CEO.

He says, 'I believe a lot brands and businesses struggle to reach consumers' minds but this is not one. "I cannot take credit for it. Many people in leadership positions here have a passion for the brand. We have all been transformed by.

Unknown to the uninitiated class consists of intervals of cardio and strength training with high intensity. Gonzalez says that the class is'much nicer' now, despite the original militant image.

He says, 'Everything's been rebranded. The instructors are now teaching in a different way. We pay special attention to the first-timers in order to dispel any myths. We tell you always to be yourself and not try to be a super hero. You can still track your progress and success.

Gonzalez is a first-hand witness: He continues to take three to five classes per week, and teaches in different locations a few days a month. CNN Underscored asked him to share his top seven fitness tips before he started his day in Los Angeles.

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