The 10 Rules Of Propaganda

The article discusses the 10 rules of propaganda and how they are used by the Russian government.

The 10 Rules Of Propaganda

Lord Arthur Ponsonby, a British diplomat, was a politician, and dates from 1871-1946.

The shrewd and calculating fellow identified 10 rules for propaganda.

These are the facts:

We don't want to be at war.

This war is entirely at the feet of the other guy.

The leader of our adversary is evil and appears evil.

We are fighting for a noble cause, not for special interests.

The enemy intends to cause atrocities. We only make mistakes.

The enemy uses illegal weapons

While we have very few losses, the enemy is making big.

Our cause is supported by artists and intellectuals.

Our cause is sacred.

Terrorists are those who question our propaganda.

Take a look at the News

Three or more of these propaganda rules are easily remembered when you scan the newswires daily. Some days six or seven. All 10 on other days.

This refers to the current conflict in Ukraine, an eastern European country.

These are the rules. Because some rules are closely related, we won't take up each one. These will be combined. For more information, please click here

We don't want to be at war.

This war is entirely at the feet of the other guy.

How many times have you heard or read condemnations of the 'unprovoked aggression' of Vladimir Putin?

It is possible to put it another way: When has it happened?


been described as being unprovoked

But a man can still argue persuasively that Putin's war was provoked.

Numerous times, the Russian autocrat warned that NATO expansion into Ukraine was a "red line."

Russia wouldn't abide NATO's dagger pressing against it vitals (parts Ukraine actually lie east-of Moscow).

Despite Vladimir's grunts and moans, NATO had already announced its intention to include Ukraine.


de Facto

NATO Member

True, no formal offer has been made to join the United States. But for many years, the United States and its NATO allies have been arming and training Ukrainian troops.

Why is it that these Ukrainian forces have done so well?

Some people have actually referred to Ukraine in this way

de facto

NATO member. It was merely waiting for the

de jure

Formality of actual membership

Some may argue that Putin's invasion was not justified. Or, you might argue that it was not necessary. These are the exact points that your editor has made.

But you can't argue that it was not provoked.

Putin's Evil!

The leader of our adversary is evil and appears evil.

Our cause is sacred.

Here's a condensed selection of headlines about the darkened state of Vladimir Putin's soul.

'Vladimir Putin - 'Evil at the Level of Joseph Stalin’'

"Yes, Putin is Evil"

"Putin is Evil, Not Mentally Ill" - A Psychological Explanation

Christine Lagarde, ECB's Director of International Relations, reveals that Putin is 'terrifying' and driven by 'evil forces'

"How Vladimir Putin Became Evil"

Is this not the face of evil?

This caption contains the title of the magazine article.

"The Secret Source of Putin’s Evil"

You now have the taste. We could go on, but mercy prohibits that.

Is Putin really evil?

But how can these demonologists determine if the man really is evil? They have looked beneath the hood...and scanned his soul.

Maybe he is mentally impaired. Maybe he has a different morality. Maybe he is misguided.

Perhaps he believes that his country is at risk and is justified in waging war.

Not necessary.

We wouldn't claim that he is a particularly friendly person. We wouldn't claim that he's 'nice.

We aren't ready to say that.

We are willing to admit that propaganda has been in a steady flow for the past year.

Evil at the level of Joseph Stalin? This is the work and play of the propagandist.

There is no special interest?

We are fighting for a noble cause, not for special interests.

The defense of Ukraine might be a noble purpose. We don't believe otherwise.

However, there are many arms producers who drive a great trade.

They will replace all the armaments currently being dispatched and still being dispatched from Ukraine.

Is it not an interest special?

Our spy informs us that some of the monies being circulated under the banner of "Ukrainian Aid" have been diverted to the pockets and oligarchs in Ukraine.

These oligarchs would be placed in the special interest category.

"We don't do those things"

The enemy intends to cause atrocities. We only make mistakes.

According to Russia, the list of sins is inexhaustible. These ferocious cats are firing projectiles at churches, hospitals, schools and other buildings.

We are also told that Russia is suffering from a severe shortage of ammunition. These Russians would waste precious ammunition on such useless targets.

These targets might have been accidentally hit. These incidents and war are almost inevitable.

Maybe even Ukrainian forces intentionally struck some of these structures.

Two people were killed when a Russian missile hit very close to the Polish border. It was a faulty Ukrainian air defense missile, as it turned out.

These sites may have been the site where Ukrainian forces attacked Russian forces. The Russians would have every right to rekindle the flames.

There are many reports of Russian massacring civilians. However, closer inspection reveals that not all of these claims have any validity.

We would be shocked and horrified if atrocities of all sorts hadn't been committed by both sides.

It is, in fact, war. War is the negation of civilization.

However, there is very little evidence to suggest that atrocities are part of official Russian policy.

We would venture to guess that this is propaganda.

He uses chemical weapons!

The enemy uses illegal weapons

"Kyiv Claims Russia Used Banned Chemical Weapon"

"Russia's Tear Gas Bombings of Ukraine May Be the First Step in Dangerous Chemical Escalation"

Putin's Chemical Weapons Legacy Has Left Ukraine's Battlefield in Disarray

Our spies were assigned the case. We were informed by our spies that there is no evidence of Russian chemical weapon use.

However, videos have circulated showing Ukrainian soldiers making chemical weapons for the battlefield. Another video circulates showing Russian soldiers chewing on the chemical agents.

They cannot be confirmed.

270,000 Russian Casualties?

While we have very few losses, the enemy is making big.

Every source claims that there were many Russian victims and wounded. There have been estimates of 270,000 Russian casualties.

The original invasion force was only 190,000. Is it possible that they are all dead or injured, plus another 80,000?

The British Broadcasting Corporation decided that they would do some spadework. They tried to determine the true number of Russian deaths. They did this by looking through death notices, funeral announcements and social media.

What did they find?

They were unable to identify 16071 Russian deaths confirmed by the authorities. They admit that they may be undercounting the butcher's bill up to 40%.

BBC estimates that Russia has suffered irreparable losses of 144,500 people (wounded, murdered, or missing).

These numbers place the actual casualty list -- both deaths and woundings - far below the mainstream telling.

When discussing death and woundings, we are reluctant to use the term 'only'. It's a horrible thing. Every man is an individual human being, created in the image and likeness of his creator.

However, the BBC's research strongly suggests that Russian casualty numbers are exaggerated.

It's in compliance with Propaganda Rule No. 7.

Our cause is supported by artists and intellectuals.

How many artists and intellectuals have Twitter accounts that feature an image of the Ukrainian flag, like these artists and intellectuals?

They are almost impossible to count.

Terrorists are those who question our propaganda.

Readers and colleagues have labeled patriotic editor traitorous on numerous occasions.

The Propaganda War

Is Russia able to transmit its propaganda? We're certain it does.

We must correct the previous statement. We suspect Russia sends its propaganda. It is impossible to be certain.

It is not allowed in. The Western media has censored all of it. They have built a huge wall to block Russian propaganda.

What other explanation can one give for the widespread media claims of Ukrainian righteousness and Russian sin? The Ukrainian brio, the Russian incompetence? The Ukrainian victory and Russian defeat

We will only state that we were privy to...


... reports.

We are aware, however, that posting the 10 Rules of Propaganda... will lead to us being accused of spreading propaganda -- Russian propaganda.

We plead

nolo contendere...