Tesla Supercharger Sets Sail: GM-Owned Pure Watercraft To Use NACS

This is a brief summary of a tweet by GM-owned Pure Watercraft. The company is looking forward to using Tesla's North American Charging Standard connector.

Tesla Supercharger Sets Sail: GM-Owned Pure Watercraft To Use NACS

Tesla Superchargers are not just for electric cars. Electric boat manufacturers are also embracing the technology. Pure Watercraft of Seattle, which specializes in zero-emission boats, said on Twitter it looked forward to using Tesla North American Charging Standard connectors on their boats.

It is not surprising that Pure Watercraft is owned by General Motors. Detroit automaker owns a quarter of the company.

Tesla Superchargers have been in the news since GM CEO Mary Barra

Just last week, the announcement was made

GM owners will be able access the Tesla Fast Charger with an adapter as early as next year. In 2025, the first GM car with an integrated NACS socket will be available. Ford has made a

Similar announcement

In May 2023, its future EVs may come with either an adapter or a NACS connector built-in.

Pure Watercraft’s Pure Pontoon Boat, developed with GM in collaboration, uses a 66-kilowatt hour automotive-grade battery with either a single or dual 25-kilowatt motors to sail emissions-free.

The company's website states that one battery pack can provide two gallons or more of range at lower speeds. If the boat averages 25 miles per gallon then it could travel 50 miles. However, to take advantage of fast charging, you will need access to a Tesla Supercharger on land.

The price of the single motor boat is $75,000 while that of the twin-motor version costs $95,000. Both can be reserved with a $100 deposit.

Andy Rebele was the founder and CEO when GM announced its partnership with Andy Rebele in 2021.

Pure Watercraft

, said:

The joint effort between GM and us is expected to allow us to achieve significant technological advances in range and charging, while achieving mass production.

What other applications, besides automotive, will the Tesla Supercharger be used for in the future? More manufacturers are reportedly interested in zero-emission mobility. Comment your thoughts.