Tesla is selling a German beer in a Cybertruck bottle

Elon Musk's Tesla is one of the few brands that can sell three beers for nearly $100.

Tesla is selling a German beer in a Cybertruck bottle

London CNN

Rare are the brands that can sell three beers at nearly $100. Elon Musk's Tesla could be one.

The German-made 'GigaBier' is a limited edition brew in the style of a pilsner. The bottle, which is presented in a black glossy sleeve to mimic Tesla's Cybertruck, has been designed to resemble the Tesla Cybertruck.

The beer, which is brewed in Berlin where Tesla operates one of its gigafactories, ships to 17 European countries, including France and the United Kingdom. It also goes to Switzerland, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, and Switzerland. Three packs cost EUR89 ($97).


The company makes the joke that it's 'brewed for Cyborgs and made by humans' Musk first spoke about the product at an event in Berlin to mark the opening of its Berlin plant, which took place in 2021.

Tesla is not the first company to enter the beverage industry. It debuted its 'Tesla Tequila' in 2020. The lightning-shaped bottle of the liquor quickly sold out for $250 each. The GigaBier that was launched on March 30 is still for sale.

It also released a pair mini-gym shorts as a playful retort to investors who had "shorted" Tesla or bet on its stock falling.

Tesla unveiled its first electric truck version in November 2019. It hasn't yet started production and is instead focusing on its existing products because of supply chain bottlenecks.

Musk stated in January that the production of his electric truck would begin'maybe this summer. He said that the ramp-up would start'very slowly' and then increase next year.