Stephen Colbert Takes a ‘Mug Shot' on Donald Trump's ‘Arraignment Eve'

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert joked about President Trump's possible mug shot being taken as part of the Mueller investigation.

Stephen Colbert Takes a ‘Mug Shot' on Donald Trump's ‘Arraignment Eve'

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Colbert takes a "Mug Shot"

Stephen Colbert pulled out a bottle bourbon to celebrate the arrest of Donald Trump in Manhattan on Tuesday.

Many people want to know if there will be a mugshot. Colbert responded, calling Monday "Arraignment Eve".

"How will we explain it to our grandchildren?" I hope you enjoy the book, "Donald and The Terrible, Horrible and Very Bad N.D.A." STEPHEN COLBERT

"What if he goes into jail?" He could become the leader of a violent white supremacist group, but this time in prison. STEPHEN COLBERT

Tomorrow is the moment that the entire world has been waiting for: He will head to the D.A. He will be given a booking number and fingerprinted at the D.A.'s office. They don't even need to use ink. I'm sure that there is enough ketchup there. STEPHEN COLBERT

The Punchiest Punctlines (Reverse Spring Break Edition).

"Today, Trump flew from Florida and New York ahead of his scheduled arraignment. He landed at LaGuardia Airport. Yes, he was smart. Nothing helps you get into prison as quickly as LaGuardia. JIMMY FALLON

"Yeah Trump flew from Florida and New York to be arrested. He is basically taking a reverse spring vacation. JIMMY FALLON

"Trump has to give a DNA sample. That's, if you think about, how he got into this mess in the first instance. ROY WOOD JR. is the guest host on 'The Daily Show.

Trump's DNA: What's the upside? The NYPD is now able to solve many cold cases dating back to the 1980s. ROY WOOD JR.

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'The Daily Show' correspondent-turned-guest host Roy Wood Jr. spoke with Ron DeSantis's education adviser while leading a class called White History 101.

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