Short Interest in Advantagewon Oil Co. (OTCMKTS:ANTGF) Declines By 68.2%

28.9% from the March 31st total of 7,600 shares. Advantagewon Oil Co. (OTCMKTS:ANTGF) saw a significant decrease in short interest in the month of April.

() experienced a significant drop in short interest during the month of March. On April 15th there were 5,400 short shares. This is a decrease by 68.2% compared to the total of 17,00 shares on March 31st. The short-interest rate is currently 1.1 days based on an average daily volume of 5,000 shares.

Advantagewon Oil Stock Performance

The price stayed flat at $0.02 Thursday. Stock traded 10,000 shares compared to the average of 10,420. The fifty-day moving price of the company is $0.02, and its 200 day moving price is $0.03. Get Rating

Advantagewon Oil Corp. is a junior exploration firm. It offers oil and gas exploration and production in Texas. The company acquired three properties, Saratoga La Vernia Lerma. The company was established on 10 July 2013 with its headquarters in Toronto, Canada. offers a FREE daily email newsletter