Russia Fires Cruise Missiles at Kyiv, Other Parts of Ukraine

, the Ukrainian military said. The Ukrainian military said that Russia has fired more than a dozen cruise missiles at Kyiv and other parts of Ukraine, killing at least two people in an eastern city and striking a residential building in central Ukraine.

Officials said that Russia launched more than a dozen missiles early on Friday morning at Kyiv, and other parts in Ukraine. The missiles killed at least two people, one in an east city, and another in a central Ukrainian residential building.

According to the Kyiv city administration, air raid sirens were heard around the capital during the first attack on the city for nearly two months. Ukraine's Air Force intercepted eleven cruise missiles as well as two unmanned aerial vehicle over Kyiv.

No reports were made of successful attacks in Kyiv, but fragments from drones and missiles intercepted damaged power lines in a neighborhood. No injuries were reported.

According to a post on Facebook by the mayor of Dnipro, a woman and her three-year-old son were both killed in an attack in Dnipro's eastern part. He promised to provide more details later.

Ihor Taburets is the regional governor for Cherkasy region, where Uman is located. He said that two cruise missiles were also fired at a residential and storage building in Uman. He added that five people were injured in Uman and were all hospitalized.

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Cherkasy said that emergency services were on site, but did not provide further details about the victims. Local media have shared photos and footage of the burning multi-story building.

According to the Kyiv City Administration, the anti-aircraft systems was activated in Kyiv. Just before dawn, air raid sirens ceased.

This was the first attack on the capital city since March 9.

According to the Kyiv city administration, no further information was provided.

NATO's allies and partners announced that they had delivered over 98% of the combat vehicle promised to Ukraine in response to Russia's invasion. This has strengthened Kyiv's capability as it prepares for a counteroffensive.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated that Ukraine's allies sent more than 1,550 armored cars, 230 tanks, and other equipment. They also trained and equipped nine new Ukrainian brigades.

The new brigades are expected to have more than 30,000 soldiers. Some NATO partners, like Sweden and Australia have provided armored vehicle.

Stoltenberg said to reporters in Brussels that the move would put Ukraine in a good position to continue retaking occupied territories.

The comments and attacks overnight came at the same time as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy claimed he and Chinese Leader Xi Jinping had a 'long' and'meaningful' phone call Wednesday, their first contact known since Russia's invasion of Ukraine more than a decade ago.

Although Zelenskyy expressed his encouragement at Xi’s Wednesday call, and Western officials welcomed Xi’s move it did not appear to improve the prospects for peace.

Russia and Ukraine have different terms of peace. Beijing, while trying to establish itself as a world diplomatic power, has refused to condemn Moscow's invasion. The Chinese government views Russia as a diplomatic ally to counter U.S. influence on global affairs. Xi, the Chinese president, visited Moscow in October.