Russia Blames Ukraine For Ammonia Pipeline Sabotage, Civilians Injured

A gas cloud is a visible mass of condensed phase molecules or atoms that is generally considered to be a separate phase of matter.

Moscow accuses Ukraine of blowing the Tolyatti - Odesa pipeline as a "sabotage act" against vital Russian infrastructure. The Russian statement continued: "At the moment, ammonia residues are being drained from Ukrainian territory through damaged pipeline sections." The immediate danger of exposure to 300 parts-per-million (ppm) to health and life is imminent. "In addition, when mixed with lubricating oil, its flammable range is increased. It can explode when released in a closed space that has a source for ignition or if anhydrous ammonia contained in a container is exposed to a fire. On 5 June, there was an explosion in the section of the ammonia pipeline Togliatti-Odessa controlled by the Ukrainian Army.

The Kiev regime has also undermined efforts to combat hunger and help countries in need