Richards Packaging Income Fund to Issue Monthly Dividend of $0.11 (TSE:RPI.UN)

Richards Packaging Income Fund (TSE:RPI.UN – Free Report) declared a monthly dividend on Thursday, June 29th, TickerTech reports. Shareholders of record on Friday, July 14th will be given a dividend…

The dividend will be paid to shareholders who were in the books on Friday July 14th. This is a dividend of $1.32 per year and a yield 4.00%. This dividend will be ex-dividend on Thursday, June 29th.

Richards Packaging Income fund stock down 1.5 %

During trading hours, the company's shares fell C$0.49 to C$33.01. The company traded 60,254 share compared to an average of 8,076. The company's 50-day moving is C$36.38, and its 200 day moving is C$39.48. Richards Packaging Income Fund's 52-week low is C$32.26, and its 52-week high is C$51.40. The company has a C$361.79m market capitalization, a P/E of 10.06, and a beta value of 0.53 The debt-to equity ratio for the company is 63.54. Its current ratio is 1.91, and its quick ratio is 0.61.

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Richards Packaging Income Fund and its subsidiaries manufacture and distribute packaging products throughout Canada and the United States. The company offers metal and plastic closures, as well as plastic and glass containers. It also offers design, development and logistics management, and distributes injection-molded containers and packaging system. offers a FREE daily email newsletter