Requis plans to buy 20 salon locations by the second quarter — and a new hotel

Ruchika Nagrath, CEO of Requis, plans to add 50 to 100 jobs in the U.S. while specializing in the manufacturing franchise business.

Requis plans to buy 20 salon locations by the second quarter — and a new hotel

She began to explore business ideas after completing her MBA. With utmost dedication, she jumped straight into the industry of hair salons, adding 112 new locations in the last four-year period. Ruchika Ngrath, the founder and CEO of Requis was that woman.

Nagrath stated that 'Enterprising can be frightening as it requires a change in mindset, from one of fixed incomes to unpredictable outcomes.

Nagrath was a global director of IT for Richardson's Lennox International, where he oversaw the IT systems both in the U.S.A. and Europe.

Businesses were affected by the pandemic and faced a greater challenge. Companies, like Requis, needed to change their business model.

Nagrath stated that despite the challenges, this has been a chance for growth, innovation and resilience. We are still learning how to adapt and be ready in a world that is rapidly changing. Entrepreneurship can be exciting and rewarding, even though it is daunting.

Nagrath, who had learned to accept and embrace these challenges, then ventured into the hospitality business as well as back-office outsourcing.

Nagrath stated that, while the inflation is a problem for many markets and businesses, they will not be able to raise their prices at the same rate, leading to lower profit margins.

Nagrath stated that, while he believes the industry will eventually catch-up, it will take some time before equilibrium is achieved.

Nagrath discusses the new projects the company is working and her plans for expansion.

Can you tell us about any new exciting projects your company is working on?

Requis is exploring robotics. This is the future, and it has enormous potential.

What are your plans for growth in the company? Are you planning to add new positions or expand your company?

Requis has plans to expand across its entire business line and add new business lines in the coming months. By the second quarter 2023, we plan to add 15 or 20 new hair salons.

We plan to add one or two hotels per year to our hospitality portfolio. We will also continue to expand our client base every month. In the U.S., we expect to add 50-100 jobs this year. The future is exciting.