Redefining the Core 2023: Downtown Sacramento construction projects

Redefining the Core 2023: Downtown Sacramento construction projects

This article provides an overview of Downtown Sacramento projects at various stages of development. This article is part of Redefining the core coverage which highlights projects that are in the works, completed or proposed in the central city. Although projects in the works or proposed seem likely, not all will reach the completion stage.

Gregory Bateson Building

Developer: State of California Department of General Services

Description: A four-story building with 215,000 square feet of space that was built in 1981 has undergone extensive renovation. The work includes replacing the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as electrical, telecommunication, and security systems that are inefficient. It also involves renovating elevators, improving accessibility, and removing hazardous materials.

Address: 1600 Ninth St.

Cost: $158 Million for progressive design-build contracts

Status: Construction is currently underway, beginning with interior demolition. It will be completed by winter 2024.

Jesse Unruh Building

Developer: State of California Department of General Services

Description: A large-scale renovation of the 1928 structure, with 125,000 square feet usable. The work includes the removal of hazardous materials, replacing inefficient plumbing, heating ventilation, air conditioning and electrical systems, as well as telecommunications and security systems. It also involves installing new elevators and improving accessibility for people with disabilities. The State Treasurer's Office occupies the building as its primary tenant.

Location: 915 Capitol Mall

Cost: $160 Million for progressive design-build contracts

Status: Construction has begun and is expected to be finished in spring 2025.

Former Resources Building

Developer: State of California Department of General Services

Description: Renovation of the 17-story, 1964 building to accommodate about 2,500 employees. The work also includes replacing all mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, as well as telecommunications, security, and telecommunications systems. This includes the removal of hazardous materials, strengthening the structural integrity of the building and replacing the roof or facade.

Location: 1416 Ninth St.

Cost: $437 Million for progressive design-build contracts

Status: Construction is currently underway, starting with demolition and abatement. It will be completed in the winter of 2025.


Developer: Photo Sacramento LLC is owned by American Hospitality Services Inc., located in Elk Grove.

Description: Construction of a eight-story AC Marriott Hotel, with 179 guest rooms and a restaurant and bar on the ground floor.

905 Seventh St.

Cost: not disclosed. The property was purchased by new owners in February 2020 at a cost of $3.5 million.

Status: Construction is expected to finish in spring 2024.


Developer: Anthem Properties

Description: Construction of seven-story apartment buildings with 153 units at market rates, 10,000 square feet on the first floor for retail, and 102 parking spaces in the basement. Fitness center, rooftop deck and lounge will be among the amenities.

Location: 1030 J St. on the southwest corner 11th and J Streets

Cost: not disclosed. Anthem, a Canadian company, purchased the property in 2018 for $5 million.

Construction has begun and is expected to be completed in the late spring/early Summer 2023.

The Bernice

The Michaels Organization

Description: Construction of five-story apartment building with 187 apartments at market rate above 2,300 square foot of retail on the ground floor. The building will have 73 studios and 101 one-bedroom apartments, as well as 13 two-bedroom ones. The amenities will include a clubhouse, a pool/spa, a coworking area, a sky lounge and a coworking space.

Location: 1990 Third St. at the southwest corner Third and S streets

Cost: $60 Million

Status: Construction began in April 2022, and it is expected to finish in the first quarter of 2024.

Saint Clare in Capitol Park

Developer: Mercy Housing California

Description: The conversion of an old 180-room hotel into 134 studio apartments for former homeless people. Each unit will measure about 230 square foot and include a bathroom, kitchenette, and meeting areas. Meeting areas, bike parking and 2,670 sq. ft. of commercial space on the ground floor will all be available.

Location: 1125 Ninth St.

Cost: $72.4 Million

Status: Construction started in January 2021, and should be finished soon. Residents should be moving in as early as June 2023.

Central Sacramento Studios

Developer: City of Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency and Danco Communities

Description: Conversion from a Best Western Plus Hotel into a supportive housing with 92 units. Each unit will include a bedroom and a kitchenette. Residents will have a recreational area and a garden on the first floor. Sacramento County will be providing supportive services to 15 units. The remaining residents will be receiving supportive services through LifeSTEPS, a Sacramento-based organization.

Location: 1100H St.

Cost: Around $40 million In January 2022, the city received a state grant of $23.9 million and SHRA received an additional $3.1 million. The project also received a loan of $5.8million from SHRA to help with construction.

Status: Construction started in April 2022, and it is expected to finish in summer 2023.

Developer: Capitol Area Development Authority D&S Development

Description: Construction of a eight-story market-rate building. The building will include 17 condominiums and 75 apartments. There will also be two live/work units, as well as 1,830 square foot of retail space on the ground floor. The building will have a swimming pool, a community lounge, a gym, and an eighth-floor terrace, complete with seating and barbecue areas. Some units may be for sale depending on the market.

Location: 1330 N St. at the southwest corner 14th and N Streets

D&S purchased the site for $2.4 Million.

Construction began in January 2023. It will take approximately two years to finish.


Developer: 730 I Street Investors LLC. (Bay Miry David Miry Steve Lebastchi

Description: Renovation of a three story empty office building. Capital Public Radio has leased more than 30,000 sq ft of space on the second and the third floors for its new headquarters and broadcast and production studios. The space can house up to 140 people.

Location: 730 I St.

Cost: Total cost is not disclosed. CapRadio's construction costs are $7.7 Million.

Status: CapRadio is moving into this space in late spring or summer 2023. By the end of 2023, all shell renovations and tenant improvements will be complete.

CapRadio Live

Capital Public Radio Developer

Description: Renovations to the ground floor at 1010 Eighth St. will house CapRadio Live. This performance venue will showcase CapRadio’s journalism, music, and cultural offerings. Sutter Health Stage is a broadcast-ready, blackbox theater with 190 seats. The 7,500 square-foot space includes a lobby and covered outdoor space for varying events. The project also includes a covered outdoor area and a lobby for various events.

Location: 1010 Eighth St.

CapRadio Live construction costs are $7.2 Million.

Status: Construction on CapRadio Live started in 2021. The venue is expected to be open in spring of 2024.

Capitol Annex Building

Developer: State of California Joint Rules Committee/State Legislature

Description: Construction of new building to replace 70-year-old annexe, which does not meet seismic codes and is in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The new building will be a "double-T"-shaped building that is park-friendly and designed to meet current seismic codes or exceed them.

Location: Eastern half the State Capitol Building located at 1315 10th St.

Cost: $806 million estimated

Status: The Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and the Legislature have all moved into temporary offices. Construction has been halted until the Environmental Impact Report is revised. The project will be completed in 2026.

Developer: Southern Land Co.

Description: Construction of 2 residential towers, 21 townhomes, and 438 rental units. The tallest tower would be 26 stories and have 263 apartments. The 14-story tower will have 154 apartments and some flexible space for offices. Together, the two towers would offer 11,000 square foot of retail space on the ground floor. Between the two towers, there would be an eight-story parking garage.

Location: 201 North St. for the 26 story tower. The 14 story tower would be located at the southwest corner Third Street and Capitol.

Cost: Around $325 million Southern Land purchased the 2,58-acre site from the Sacramento Kings in October 2021 for $16.75 millions.

Status: Southern Land amended plans after filing an initial application and plans in march 2022. Developers hope to begin construction by the end of 2023.

1121 I St.

Developer: 1121 I Street QOF is a limited-liability company created by RCB Equities specifically for the project.

Description: Construction of a market-rate eight-story apartment building with 204 apartments and a ground-floor coworking area. Amenities include a two story lobby on the ground floor, a fitness center on the podium deck on the third floor and an outdoor terrace and sauna on the eighth. The project would include 90 parking spaces, as well as EV charging stations. On the first floor, tenants will have a bike shop and pet wash. The site currently contains a Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. service center and store, which will be demolished.

1121 I St.

Construction costs of approximately $61 million. Developer bought the property for $6.47m in May 2022 as an investment opportunity zone.

Status: All entitlements have been approved. Developer plans to apply for building permits by fall 2023, and begin construction in summer 2024.

1023 J St.

Developer: 1023J Street QOF is a limited-liability company created by RCB Equities specifically for the project.

Description: Construction of a eight-story apartment building with ground-floor retail and 250 apartments. Since 2008, the site was designated for The Metropolitan, a 40 story building that would have 350 hotel and condo units.

Location: 1023 J St.

RCB Equities bought the property from the Saca Family in late December 2022 at a cost of $7 million.

Status: Project has been submitted for entitlements. Developer wants to start construction by the end of 2025.


Developer: SKK Developments

Description: Construction of three-story building with 124 units. An earlier proposal included 16 townhomes for sale.

Location: 1300/1310 C St.

Cost: estimated at $25.6 Million

Status: The developer is currently in the process obtaining entitlements. He hopes to begin construction as early as 2024.


Developer: Mohanna Development Co.

Description: Construction a 15-story mixed-use building, with 220 hotel room, 186 apartment and rooftop bar. The building would also have 7,400 sq ft of retail space on the first floor and a co-living area with shared living spaces but separate bedrooms and baths.

Location: 920-924-930 K St. on the site three vacant buildings Mohanna bought in 2015.

Cost not disclosed

Status: Mohanna, while waiting for the market to improve, is requesting a extension of her entitlements that expire on July 23, 2023.

800 Block

Developer: CFY Development Inc.

Description: Construction of a two-building complex with 150 apartments and approximately 20,000 square feet for retail. Amenities include music lounges, coworking spaces and community rooms.

Location: 800 K St. & 801 L St.

Cost: $90 Million

Status: Plans approved, but entitlements expire in October 2022. Developer intends to resubmit entitlements once financing is in place.

Eva Hill, CEO Venture Oaks Real Estate Group

Description: Construction of an 14-story hotel building, with 265 rooms on the 11th floor and 55 apartments on the 3rd floor. The amenities would include a rooftop bar, a restaurant and bar on the ground floor, an outdoor terrace, and five meeting rooms. The hotel will be operated under Hilton Canopy.

Location: 831 L St.

Cost: Around $150 million

Construction Start Date is Pending.

Aided by Best Western Hotel

Developer: SJ Hospitality Inc., Davis

Description: Reuse of an old office building to create an upscale boutique with 75 rooms. The Offices at Retro Lodge was built in the 1950s as a hotel. The building was converted into office space over a decade earlier. The project would include both interior and exterior renovations.

Location: 1029 and1111 H St.

Cost: not disclosed. SJ Hospitality bought the office space for $6.12million in 2022.

Status: The renovations will begin in 2023, and should take approximately one year to finish.

Alkali Flats, 12th St.

Developer: Alex Leon

Description: Construction of an eight-story mixed-use tower with 24 apartments and 5,000 square foot of retail space. Residents would also have access to a rooftop amenity.

Location: 330 12th St.

Status: The project was approved by the State in June 2019. It is currently undergoing construction permit reviews.

HRGA Office

Developer: HRGA

Description: Construction of two-story residential and office project on what is currently a parking area. The first floor would have about 2,700 square foot of office space, which is currently occupied by HRGA, a Sacramento-based architectural firm. The second floor will feature two one-bedroom apartments.

Location: 714 14th St.

Cost: Not determined

Status: The project has been approved and is now in the final stages of permitting. Construction could start between the third quarter of 2023 and the beginning of 2024.

Alkali Gateway

Developer: Carlile Gateway is an entity comprised of Gateway Development Co. DBRE Consulting and Carlile Investments.

Description: In August 2022, plans were filed with the City for construction of a 5-story building with 94 apartments at market rate. This included seven live-work units on E Street. Now, developers are rethinking this design to create a product for the workforce that is more affordable.

Location: 1117 E St. and 424 12th St.

Cost: $35 million estimated. Developer bought 424 12th St. for $700,000. Developer purchased 1117 E St. for $600,000. Environmental remediation will cost between $250,000 and $500,000.

Status: The developer has been putting the plans into action since filing with the city in August 2022.