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What to do if your kid is bullied about their weight online, according to experts

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There are risks associated with adolescents using screens, and a recent multinational study suggests that weight-related bullying is one of them. The study analyzed data from over 12,000 adolescents in several countries and found that the more time they spent on screens and social media, the more likely they were to experience weight-related bullying. Certain platforms, such as Twitter and Twitch, were particularly associated with an increase in such bullying. Social media platforms have stated their commitment to user safety and have implemented measures to prevent harmful behavior. The study’s findings highlight the negative impact of weight stigma and the importance of addressing bullying and its effects on mental health. Parents are advised to support their children through validation and communication rather than suggesting changes to their bodies in response to bullying. It is crucial for adults to be aware of children’s social media usage, engage in conversations about bullying, and take appropriate measures to protect their well-being.