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Link found in Texas between rising infant mortality and state's abortion restrictions

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A new study has found a possible connection between rising infant mortality rates in Texas and the state’s strict abortion restrictions. Texas implemented the strictest abortion laws in the country in 2021. A report by a media outlet last year revealed a sudden increase in infant deaths after the law was passed. The study, the first of its kind, supports the findings of the media report. The study looked at the effects of the abortion law, which banned almost all abortions beyond six weeks of pregnancy and made no exceptions for rape, incest, or birth defects. Between 2021 and 2022, infant deaths in Texas increased by 12.9%, compared to a smaller increase in the rest of the US. The study also found a significant rise in the rate of infant mortality in Texas compared to the rest of the country. Neonatal mortality rates in Texas also increased. The authors of the study suggest that restrictive abortion policies may have unintended consequences for families and healthcare costs. The study calls for further research on the impact of abortion bans and the need for collective action against extremist ideological influence in medicine.