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Gen Z is less happy than the rest of us. Here is what would make the difference

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Gen Z and Happiness: The Key Factors #

Gen Z is reportedly facing more difficulties than previous generations did at the same age, according to recent research. Data collected from over 2,000 individuals aged 12 to 26 reveals some insights into their levels of happiness. Around 75% of those surveyed reported being somewhat happy, but this percentage declined significantly as they entered adulthood. The study found that two factors strongly correlated with Gen Z’s happiness: the amount of time they dedicated to sleep and relaxation on weekends, and their sense of purpose. Having a purpose in life and feeling that their actions make a difference were more important to Gen Z than financial success. Further, the research showed that better sleep quality positively influenced happiness levels. By prioritizing sleep and focusing on their sense of purpose, Gen Z can find ways to increase their overall well-being.