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Euro 2024: We need to talk about beer

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The European Championship has seen a significant amount of beer consumption, both inside and outside the stadiums. Fans, players, and even journalists have been soaked with beer, with plastic cups being thrown from the stands during corners and goal kicks. The official sponsor of the tournament, Bitburger, has exclusive rights to sell their products, with prices ranging from €7 for 500ml at the Allianz Arena to servings of Kolsch in Cologne. Drinking alcohol in stadiums is restricted in many countries, including England, Scotland, Spain, and France. However, in Germany, alcohol consumption is a part of the football culture and fans enjoy the freedom to drink during matches. The presence of plastic cups being thrown onto the pitch has been a nuisance, leading to distractions during the game. UEFA is considering taking action regarding this issue. German stadiums have implemented reusable cup policies to address the environmental impact of single-use cups. Despite some organizational issues, the atmosphere during Euro 2024 has been lively and enjoyable. The freedom for fans to enjoy themselves has contributed to the festival-like atmosphere of the tournament.