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Covid-flu combination vaccine shows positive results in late-stage trial, Moderna says

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There could be a combined Covid-19 and flu shot in the future, although it won’t be ready for this year’s flu season. Vaccine maker Moderna announced positive late-stage trial results for its Covid-flu combination vaccine it calls mRNA-1083. People in the trial who received mRNA-1083 showed an improved immune response compared with those who got standalone flu and Covid vaccines. Moderna is the first to announce positive late-stage trial results for a combined Covid-flu vaccine. Public health leaders say more ways to protect against both viruses are needed. The trial studied the vaccine in two age groups with about 4,000 adults in each group. The experimental combination vaccine elicited a statistically significant higher immune response against three strains of the flu and Covid-19, compared with the co-administered shots. The combined vaccine was well-tolerated, with the most common adverse reactions being pain, tiredness, muscle pain, and headaches. The study results are not peer-reviewed yet. Moderna plans to present data from the trial at an upcoming medical conference and engage with regulators for possible approval in the future. A combined shot could help combat vaccine hesitancy and fatigue, and improve public health by protecting the community.