Opawica Explorations (CVE:OPW) Stock Price Down 3.3%

The stock fell 3.3% in mid-day trading Wednesday. The stock was as low as C$0.15 before trading at C$0.15. Mid-day trading saw 3,000 shares change hands, which is a 91% decrease from the average session of 33,892 share. The stock closed previously at C$0.15.

Opawica Explorations stock down 3.3 %

The market cap is C$751,100.00. There is a PE of -0.28. And a beta of 2.01. The company's quick ratio is 2.11, its current ratio is 1.23 and its debt-to equity ratio is 0.79. The company's simple moving-average for the last fifty days is C$0.13 while its simple moving-average for the past 200 days is C$0.07.

Opawica Explorations Company profile

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Opawica Explorations Inc., a junior company in the resource sector, is engaged in the acquisition, exploration and evaluation of mineral property in Canada. It searches for gold and base-metal deposits. The company owns 100% of the Arrowhead Property, which consists of 19 claims covering 400.76 hectares in the Joannes Township in Quebec, and the Bazooka Property, which consists of 41 claims covering 1320.92 acres in the Beauchastel Township in Quebec.

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