Mitico Estates LLC: Look at luxury real estate in Barcelona

Mitico Estates LLC: Value of premium real estate in Barcelona grows steadily. Let's cover the basics that make Barcelona an attractive target for investments

Barcelona boasts a collection of luxurious real estate, including private mansions, designer apartments, villas, and penthouses that offer breathtaking panoramic views of the city. The most prestigious areas include Pedralbes and Sarria Sant Gervasi, located in the esteemed Zona Alta region, situated on the lush green hills of northern Barcelona with stunning views of the sea. Owning property in this area is a symbol of status and prestige, and it is home to the wealthiest people of Catalonia, world-renowned politicians, celebrities, royal family members, and those fortunate enough to inherit property from their relatives.

This region has seen little change over the past decade, with no new constructions due to all the available plots being fully built. The properties in this area are maintained in exceptional condition, and the dominant property types include opulent mansions with large plots, newly constructed villas with vast private gardens, numerous swimming pools, luxury residential complexes, underground parking, huge terraces, and concierge/private security services.

However, if you are considering purchasing a property in this region, you must be prepared to pay a hefty sum, with the starting threshold being approximately 9,000 euros per sq. m. and most properties costing several million euros.

At Mitico Estates LLC, we pride ourselves on providing a personalized approach to every project, from communication style to finding the rarest and most profitable offers for our clients with high purchasing power. We offer exclusive access to housing in the most desirable locations, including magnificent Modernist apartments in unique buildings in the Pedralbes area and luxury homes and designer villas in Sarria Sant Gervasi. Our goal is to ensure that our clients have an unforgettable experience when searching for their dream property.

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