Man Sues Netflix For $1 Million After Seeing His Photo in a Documentary Describing a 'Stone Cold Killer'

Taylor Hazlewood is suing Netflix for using one of his Instagram photos without permission in "The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker."

Man Sues Netflix For $1 Million After Seeing His Photo in a Documentary Describing a 'Stone Cold Killer'

Some people do not want to be seen on TV. A Kentucky man has sued Netflix for $1,000,000 for showing his face on the small screen.

Taylor Hazlewood has filed a lawsuit against Netflix for defamation, after discovering a picture of him in the true crime documentary "The Hatchet-Wearing Hitchhiker" from January.

Netflix screenshot of Hazlewood’s photo from the documentary.

Netflix's program followed the true tale of a hitchhiker called Kai (his real-life name is Caleb Lawrence McGillvary), who became a viral phenomenon after he claimed he killed a man using a hatchet in order to prevent him from attacking a female. Three months after becoming a viral sensation, Kai was arrested and sentenced to prison for 57 years.

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Hazlewood says that a photo of him with a hatchet he uploaded to his Instagram in 2019 made it into the movie, even though he had no relation to the crime.

According to the lawsuit, a photo appears when the film's narration asks "Is this an angel of protection or a cold-blooded killer?" On the screen, it reads "You can't trust anyone."

The Washington Post reports that "Hazlewood, of course is beyond angry" at Netflix for involving and connecting him with such a salacious, infamous story, and an individual.

Hazlewood claims that family and friends began to reach out to him as the documentary gained popularity. This turned an innocent mistake into viral disaster.

Angela Buchanan, his lawyer, said: "That will continue for the rest his life."

Hazlewood wants Netflix to pay Hazlewood at least $1 Million in damages.

McGillvary is not eligible for release until 2061. He still claims his innocence.