Lucid Reportedly Tried Offering Free Test Drives At Tesla Supercharger In California

A Tesla car was parked at a Supercharger station in West Hollywood.

Lucid Reportedly Tried Offering Free Test Drives At Tesla Supercharger In California

Lucid, an American EV startup, is doing everything possible to increase the number of deliveries for its all-electric luxury Air sedan. This includes entering Tesla territory (or coming very close).

According to


Owner and founder of

Tesla Console

Ryan Zohoury

Lucid Air

A car finished in Cosmos silver and sporting 'Test Drive Car" decals, was parked opposite an eight-stall Supercharger in West Hollywood two days ago.


Vehicle blocking two parking spots and set up in a way that its doors, hood and trunk are open.

According to the tweet embedded below, Lucid employees tried to convince people who were waiting for their Teslas charging to sign up for a free test drive with the Air sedan.


Lucid's offer was not taken up by anyone after 40 minutes.

Moreover, no Tesla owner even walked over to the silver EV and checked it out. This means that it was not a successful attempt to get people to test-drive the American luxury EV.

With a price range between $87400 and $249,000 as a starting point, the Lucid Air may not be a good fit for Tesla owners.

The cheapest new car made by Fremont-based EV Company

Prices start at about $40,000. Tesla's most expensive vehicles are priced at around $40,000.

Model S

Plaid and

Model X

The price for the Plaid starts at just $107,490 - less than half of the Lucid Air top-tier.

The raw numbers are as follows:

Lucid quadrupled its deliveries in the first three months of this year

It's important to note that the American EV start-up only managed to deliver 1,406 vehicles to its customers. In the same time period, Air sedans have been produced in a 235 percent increase over a year earlier.

At the same time

Tesla registered around 170,000 cars in the US

For the moment, sales figures for both car brands are vastly different.

It's not the first time that a competitor has attempted to lure Tesla users to their EV offerings. In March, a tweeter spotted

A Cadillac team tries to get people at the Tesla Superchargers in Shanghai

Test out the all-electric



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