ITT (NYSE:ITT) Rating Lowered to Buy at

analysts have also issued reports on the stock. The investment analysts at downgraded ITT from a 'strong-buy' rating to a 'buy' rating.

In a Friday research report, the rating was changed from'strong-buy to 'buy.

Other equity research analysts also commented on the stock recently. DA Davidson increased their price target on shares of ITT to $105.00 in a report released on Monday, Feb. 13th. The company was also given a 'buy rating'. KeyCorp increased their price target on shares of ITT to $100.00 in a report published on Friday, 10th February. The company was also given an 'overweight rating'. Stifel Nicolaus lowered its target price for ITT in a Monday, April 17, research note from $107.00 down to $106.00. The company was also given a buy' rating. Robert W. Baird raised their price target for ITT in a Friday, May 5, research note from $100.00 up to $101.00. Citigroup raised their price target on ITT to $101.00 from $94.00 in a report published on February 13th. They also gave the stock an 'buy rating'. Seven analysts have given the company a buy rating, while one analyst gave it a hold. The stock fell $0.54 at midday on Friday to $85.97. The company has a simple 50-day moving average of $82 and a simple 200-day moving average at $84.69 ITT's 52-week low is $63.77, and its 52-week high is $95.18.

The last time ) released its quarterly results was on Thursday, 4th May. The conglomerate posted $1.17 in earnings per share, exceeding analysts' expectations of $1.10 for the quarter by $0.07. ITT's return on equity was 17.85%, and its net margin was 12.82 %. The company had a revenue of $797.90 millions during the quarter compared with analysts' expectations of 777.24 million. The firm reported $0.97 earnings per share during the same quarter last year. Revenue was up 9.9% year-over-year. Research analysts expect ITT to post an average of 4.85 EPS in the current fiscal year.

Hedge Funds weigh in on ITT

Hedge funds and institutional investors recently increased or decreased their stakes. Prelude Capital Management LLC purchased a new ITT position during the first quarter, worth approximately $388,000. KB Financial Partners LLC purchased a new position of shares in ITT for $36,000 during the first three months. Hancock Whitney Corp increased its holdings in ITT shares by 116.0% over the first quarter. Hancock Whitney Corp owns 19,604 of the conglomerate stock, worth $1.691,000. This is after buying an additional 10,527 in the previous quarter. Jane Street Group LLC acquired a new stake in ITT shares worth $6,167,000. Running Oak Capital LLC increased its holdings in ITT shares by 40.6% over the first quarter. Running Oak Capital LLC owns 71 616 shares worth $6 180,000, after buying an additional 20,670 in the previous quarter. Institutional investors hold 90.16% the stock of the company.

What Is ITT?

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ITT, Inc is a manufacturer and seller of engineered components, customized technology solutions, and other products for the transportation, energy, and industrial markets. It operates in four segments: Motion Technologies (Motion Technologies), Industrial Process (Industrial Process), Connect and Control Technologies and Corporate and Other. offers a FREE daily email newsletter