How Dangerous Is AI, And Will It Really Take Your Job?

The text discusses how AI is changing the retail industry, for better or worse.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

we're told,

Humanity will likely be destroyed.

Those in the know, however, tell us otherwise

It probably won't

The one thing AI will do is, however, is to

Take our jobs

It left behind a large number of unemployed and utterly ineffective people. Right?

However, the truth is much more nuanced that some reports would have you believe.

There are currently

6.47 million unemployed people

The United States. Due to intense competition, credential inflation and companies

Become more selective

Many of these people could find themselves in the future without a job. The jobless are another major obstacle.

AI-enabled automation and machines




Fear not new technology.

Horror and shock were greeted with the invention of the printing press. The inventions of the telephone, radio and television were also met with shock and horror. However, AI is not like these benign inventions. AI is a totally different animal. It can destroy many professions and also open up new opportunities. Some experts warn that AI could permanently alter the employment landscape. Researchers at Oxford University believe that AI is a direct threat.

47 percent

There are many U.S. jobs. ChatGPT and other AI chatbots are causing concern, which is understandable.

According to a report by The Guardian, AI will make at least 7,000,000 people unemployed in the UK over the next 20 years.

Analysts at PwC

7 million is an enormous number considering the UK's population of 67million. AI will also create 7.2 million jobs. This is also true

The United States

It is expected that AI will create more jobs than it will eliminate. This is a part that is often omitted, either conscious or not, from the "AI will replace us" conversation.

It is important to consider whether people have the time, money, and ability to learn new skills. However, AI isn't as harmful as people might think.

John Hawksworth, PwC chief economist, said it rightly

"Major new technologies from steam engines and computers displace some jobs, but also generate large productivity improvements," he said, adding that the findings of his team'suggests that AI, robots, and related technologies will have similar results.

It is important to mention that the

Professions that are most at-risk

These include repetitive tasks like data entry and telemarketing.

While AI will not eliminate humans from the job equation in the near future, it won't replace them.

It does present a different and arguably more serious threat to individuals, particularly those who reside in the United States.

The (Further!) Erosion Privacy and Sanity

Stephen Hawking was the 2014 Nobel Laureate

It is grimly forecasted


The development of fully AI could spell doom for the human race.

It remains to be seen if Hawking's dire prophecy is true in three to four decades. However, AI will definitely end privacy, if any.

There are more federal agencies


Invasive facial recognition technology (FRT), and more plans to expand their use

This year


This technology works by measuring facial features and then storing them as data.

a faceprint


AI powered

They are law enforcement agencies.

in recent times

In an effort to find criminals, he turned to technology. This is a problem on several levels.

As an example,

recent Axios report

FRT is extremely flawed, as demonstrated by the above. After FRT incorrectly matched a suspect in an alleged New Orleans robbery to his face, a black man was taken into custody in Georgia. After almost a week in jail, the man, who claimed never to have visited Louisiana in his entire life, was released.

This isn’t the first arrest made by technology.

As Wired


Last year, officers used FRT to make at least three false arrests. All three were black men. The technology

Has a rich history

Failing to correctly identify black faces. FRT is not only intrusive, but it also seems racist.

Aside from powering FRT and small flying devices, AI is also used to power them.

Americans are suffering

Is it a bird or a plane? Is it a bird? It's not a plane. Drones are more common than drones. Drones are in high demand across all industries, including construction, mining, media, telecommunications, law enforcement and agriculture.

never been higher


Market size for drone services

It is estimated that it will be worth $63.6 billion.

Drones are legal in the United States.

already delivering pizza

Walmart uses drones to deliver groceries. However, the writer explains that drones are also used by Walmart to deliver groceries.

Recently, Zachary Mack highlighted


Critics are worried that these flying travesties could infringe on their privacy.

These machines are not without their concerns.

Mounted cameras

They capture video of almost anything.

Drones can also be used for surveillance purposes.

It is extremely loud

Residents in Glendale, Arizona are tired of the constant noise. Mack noted that one resident said the sound was like a hornet's nest. Although some might laugh at this comment, it is true.

The link

It is evident that stress can cause high blood pressure and noise pollution, heart disease, sleep disorders, and other health problems.

While AI may not take your job away, it can make your life easier.

Your face will be robbed by them

If you live close to a Walmart,

Maybe even your sanity