Head to Head Survey: Black Spade Acquisition (BSAQ) versus The Competition

Black Spade Acquisition to similar companies based on the strength of its profitability, analyst recommendations, earnings, dividends, valuation and risk. BSAQ is a holding company with no recent analyst recommendations, earnings, or dividends. It is compared to its peers based on profitability,

) is one 708 companies listed in the 'Holding & other Investment Offices' industry. But how does it compare to its peers in this field? Black Spade Acquisition will be compared to similar businesses on the basis of their profitability, analyst ratings, risk, institutional ownership and dividends.

Risk & Volatility

Black Spade Acquisition's beta is 0.04, which means that its stock price has 96% lower volatility than the S&P 500. This table compares Black Spade Acquisition with its peers in terms of gross revenue, earnings-per-share and valuation.

Gross Revenue

Net Income

Price-Earnings Ratio

Black Spade Acquisition


12 022 000


Black Spade Acquisition Competitors

$1.46 billion

$22.16 Million


Black Spade Acquisition is not alone in having higher earnings and revenue than its peers. Black Spade Acquisition's price-to earnings ratio is higher than that of its peers. This means it is more expensive.

Analyst Ratings

This is an overview of the current ratings and recommendations for Black Spade Acquisition, and its peers as provided by MarketBeat.com.

Sell Ratings

Hold Ratings

Buy Ratings

Strong Buy Ratings

Rating Score

Black Spade Acquisition






Black Spade Acquisition Competitors






Holding & other Investment Offices' companies as a group have a potential upward movement of 73.35%. Analysts believe Black Spade Acquisition is less likely to grow than its peers, given the higher potential upside of their peers.

Insiders and Institutional Ownership

Institutional investors hold 52.1% Black Spade Acquisition's shares. Comparatively 66.9% shares of all Holding & other Investment Offices' companies are owned by institutional investors. Insiders own 3.3% of Black Spade Acquisition's shares. Comparatively speaking, 18.5% shares of all Holding & other Investment Offices' companies are owned by company insiders. A stock with a high level of institutional ownership indicates that hedge funds, endowments and large money managers are confident it will outperform its market over time.


This table compares Black Spade Acquisition's net margins with those of its competitors, as well as their return on equity and returns on assets.

Net Margins

Return on Equity

Return on Assets

Black Spade Acquisition




Black Spade Acquisition Competitors




Black Spade Purchase

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Black Spade Acquisition Co. focuses on achieving a merger, exchange of shares, asset purchase, share purchase, reorganization or other business combinations with one or multiple businesses. It plans to create a global business partnership with entertainment companies. MarketBeat.com offers a FREE daily email newsletter