Grey's Anatomy recap: Link loses a high-profile patient

Meredith might be gone but Meredith is still narrating "Grey's Anatomy." Link is losing a prominent patient in the new episode while the hospital hires a Chief of Surgery. Check out EW's summary.

Grey's Anatomy recap: Link loses a high-profile patient

Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), may have moved across the country to work with interns whose names I don't know, but it doesn't stop her narrating this episode. Her voiceover explains the importance of training as well as the sacrifices required to become an all-star.

This theory can be illustrated better than a story about Jermaine Talbot (Catfish Jean), the Seattle Seahawks number one draft pick. Link (Chris Carrmack) holds the key to this kid's future. Grey Sloan Memorial has been enlisted by the city to make sure that the knee surgery is a smooth one.

Everyone is thrilled about the local celebrity. Bailey (Chandra Wilson), who was a fangirl with many selfies, was especially entertaining. But Griffin (Alexis FLoyd), and Kwan (Harry Shum Jr.), won Jermaine over with the knowledge and experience they have in college sports. Griffin calms Jermaine's nerves as he asks Griffin what he would do if he didn't want to be an NFL player. It's all smiles when Jermaine videochats with his mom. Griffin and Kwan are laughing in the background.

All eyes are on Link and the OR. However, the three remaining interns have to work in the boring ER. Good news is that Adams (Niko Terho), Yasuda and Midori Francis are able to help the man who has fallen in agonizing pain. He suffers from severe constipation due to the "pho-nominal problem." He has suffered from digestive distress for five days after eating three pounds of meat, three-pounds of noodles and three liters worth of broth. Yasuda and Adams negotiate who will perform rectal exams and enemas. They offer Meredith's older house with larger bedrooms.

Millin (Adelaide Kane), meanwhile, helps Sierra, a pregnant woman who is spotting. It is clear that Sierra is stressed about her job and her two children. Millin spends time with Sierra to get to the bottom of her problems. She eventually discovers that Sierra had suffered from severe postpartum depression during her previous pregnancies. She didn't plan this baby and doesn't know how she will cope with being "dark" again. Millin invites Jo (Camilla Louddington) to discuss her options.

Teddy (Kim Raver), is now wondering why she decided to run for Chief of Surgery. Owen McKidd (Kevin McKidd), has never said a positive word about the job. Bailey quit because of the stress. Meredith also left. This is what we refer to as the opposite of a ringing endorsement.

Baily suggests that Teddy ask for the stars, and the moon. Grey Sloan is desperate so Teddy might aswell come with a list. She does! Teddy would like a full-time administrative assistant with more vacation and double her current salary, as well as a stipend to support research.

Richard (James Pickens Jr.), calls her bluff, and informs her that he will take the position since it's an honour to work for Grey Sloan. Teddy starts to trim the demands off, cutting back where and when. Amelia (Caterina Scoresone), pops in to inform Richard that she would love the job. Teddy asks Amelia for the stars and the moon. Amelia requests the whole universe.

Richard cannot choose but to go the cheaper route. Teddy is offered the job and Richard quits in a huff. Amelia laughs at Bailey's decision to send her in to shake things off. Amelia is intelligent enough to keep her distance from the Chief of Surgery.

Jo offers to counsel Sierra back in the ER. It is then decided that Sierra will have an abortion. Jo thanks Millin for listening and saving the life of the mother who was anxious.

Link is not able to do the same. Jermaine's vitals drop after a successful knee operation. Winston (Anthony Hill), Kwan and Griffin take turns giving CPR for two hours. Winston calls the time of the end, and the whole team collapses in defeat.

Winston attempts to confide Maggie (Kelly McCreary), but Maggie isn't interested "touchy-feely" Winston. Maggie has emotions. Link becomes drunk and turns to Jo for comfort. He tries to kiss her, but she denies it and allows him to fall on her shoulder. Kwan and Griffin video tag-team video calling Jermaine’s mom to tell the bad news.

Griffin manages her grief as everyone else at Grey Sloan. She makes out with Adams in an elevator. Things look a lot more steamy now that they are living together.

This is until Griffin's boyfriend, Meredith, stands in Meredith’s old living room, holding a few sunflowers and professing love and affection to a woman whose lips are still covered by the lip gloss of the man she just robbed. Let the good times roll!