Greatsky Consulting LLC: Is German realty good for renting out?

Greatsky Consulting LLC experts give different examples of various types of German real estate worth considering investing into that are accessible to foreigners

The real estate market in Germany offers a variety of property types with rather diverse price range for each of them. For example, a 50 sq. m. apartment will range from 50,000 to 200,000 euros. If we take a lakeside villa with private pier and surrounding land of 800 sq. m, the estimate price tag will reach 6,000,000 euros ($7,065,000). At the same time a relatively small penthouse of 183 sq. m. will cost about 990,000 euros. By purchasing real estate you can not only live there but also rent it out undoubtedly bringing you a respectable and steady income.

If we talk about rental housing, the prices are also varied and mainly depend on the location. The annual rental income in Germany is about 5% of the purchase price. In Munich, a 50 sq. m. apartment rental price is around 670 euros per month. Berlin is more expensive - 790 euros per month though for a 70 sq. m. unit.

If you are interested in commercial real estate - Germany will be your cup of tea. You can find various hotels, houses, shops, commercial real estate that will generate rather tangible income even by German standards. As already mentioned purchasing real estate can be a nice addition to your income. Buying single apartments or even whole housing estates and renting it out afterwards is also quite popular. Though the latter is definitely not a cheap pick.

Therefore, if you are thinking about buying a home abroad Germany will be the best option. Keep in mind it requires big investments which will pay off rather fast. Every year the German residential real estate market is growing by 20%. Due to high construction standards all new buildings are of very high quality. Moreover, there are absolutely no restrictions on acquiring any realty imposed upon foreigners.

Greatsky Consulting LLC is ready to offer a variety of investment project for different levels of personal financial capabilities. If you are interested in German real estate market in particular don't hesitate to forward your requests. Contact us to develop your investment portfolio!

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