Grandzone Trading LLC: Signs of the recovering economy

Grandzone Trading LLC: The WHO plan is expected to increase investment capital inflow by 5%, due to low loans rates and a slight increase of interest rates

Approximately 60% of real estate investors in Europe have expressed their intention to expand their property portfolios in 2023, reflecting a notable improvement in market sentiment. Among these investors, 75% plan to surpass their total capital investments made in 2022 by a minimum of 10%. However, it is important to note that there are significant variations among European countries, despite their adherence to EU regulations and policies.

Among the major market players, French investors exhibit the most pessimistic outlook, anticipating a 20% decline in overall market activity. Conversely, the market for commercial real estate is expected to experience a surge in supply due to a substantial number of small businesses filing for bankruptcy. This sudden influx of available properties will likely outpace the current demand, leading to a significant decrease in average prices. Grandzone Trading analysts predict a partial recovery in market prices during the fourth quarter of 2023 and the first quarter of 2024, although the ongoing lockdown measures will influence the speed of market normalization.

The German market is expected to swiftly return to pre-pandemic levels of investment capital inflow. In 2022, the decline in investment volume was only 5% compared to the overall decline of 17% across Europe. The Netherlands follows closely in second place, with France securing the third position in the investment market stability ranking. Notably, France experienced the largest decrease in market activity among major European economies in 2022. The top ten also includes Sweden, Great Britain, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, and Finland.

Assuming that vaccine distribution proceeds as planned by the World Health Organization (WHO), investment capital inflow is projected to increase by approximately 5%. Historically low interest rates have incentivized investors to bolster their investment portfolios in recent years. However, it is inevitable that interest rates will experience a slight increase, which may be followed by subsequent raises. Nevertheless, moderate growth is not expected to jeopardize investment projections or lead to a sudden market decline. Additionally, the rise in interest rates reflects greater consumer confidence and ongoing adaptation to the changes brought about by the pandemic, serving as an indirect indication of economic recovery.

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