Google rolls out an alternative to the password

Google is now letting users log in with a physical security key instead of a password.

Google rolls out an alternative to the password

New York CNN

It may soon be time to stop using passwords like 'password123.' At least for your Google accounts.

Google began to roll out support for Passkeys on Wednesday. The company claims that it is a'more secure and easier to use' alternative to passwords.

Google says that users can unlock their accounts with passkeys the same way as they would their phones: by using a PIN, fingerprint or face scan.

FIDO, a security group that includes many tech companies, developed passkey standards in the past. Microsoft, Apple, and Google are now working together to make passkeys reality.

Apple released iOS 16 which included the passkey feature. This allows users to use this technology in all apps including Apple Wallet. In October 2022, passkey support was made available on Chrome and Android devices. Now, the feature is available for all Google accounts from Gmail to Drive.

Passwords are often chosen poorly by people. Even adding a special character, or an alphanumeric sequence can only provide a limited amount of protection against bad actors. Google describes Passkeys as'resistant to attacks online like phishing'.