'Genesis Launches World's First Facial Recognition Technology for EVs'

The Hyundai Motor Group's luxury division, Genesis, has launched the world's first facial recognition technology for its all-electric GV60 SUV. The new advanced keyless entry system, Facial Connect, allows drivers to access and start their GV60 without a key fob or smartphone using facial recogniti

'Genesis Launches World's First Facial Recognition Technology for EVs'

Genesis, a luxury automaker, is adding new features to its electric vehicles. This includes facial recognition technology. The advanced keyless system allows GV60 electric vehicle owners to start their car using their face without using a smartphone or key fob. Face Connect uses an infrared camera mounted on the door pillar, along with a deep-learning processor and advanced processing software to enable entry without a key. The driver profiles, which include the positioning of the steering wheel, head-up display, and seat for drivers, are loaded instantly. Digital Key 2.0 allows GV60 owners to share their EV access with up to 3 users. Each user has their own profile and can be accessed via a smartphone. Digital Key 2.0 also automatically illuminates the vehicle when a driver approaches it. This increases visibility at night.

Genesis, the luxury division of South Korean Hyundai Motor Group focuses on becoming a zero-emission brand by 2030. It will stop producing new vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICEs) in 2025. In 2021, the automaker released its first electric vehicle, a GV60 SUV. The Electrified G80 executive car and the Electrified SUV GV70 were launched last year. The Electrified G80 executive sedan is manufactured in the US. Models started rolling off the production lines earlier this year.

The new 2023 GV60 features seats that recline fully, an air-purification system for the dual climate control system and ambient lighting. Genesis has improved the materials and seats in the 2023 G80 Electrified, along with an updated Integrated Controller, which allows for easy and quick access to the functions.

The EV (EGMP) platform is the key to Genesis' performance. It features an 800V electrical system with vehicle-to load capabilities and a disconnector actuator system that improves efficiency for AWD.

Genesis isn't the only automaker that offers facial recognition technology. Tesla's electric cars can record and transmit footage via onboard cameras in Sentry Mode. Sentry Mode utilizes external cameras to capture the surroundings of the vehicle and internal cameras alerting owners when their Tesla has been tampered with. Internal cameras can also record and recognise anyone approaching the vehicle.

In recent years, despite the fact that facial recognition technology and biometrics are impressive and provide convenience to drivers, privacy concerns have been raised. Regulations include the need for data protection, accuracy, and to prevent biases.

Genesis' biometric technology is another example, in summary, of its commitment to EV developments and efficiency improvements, which it hopes will help the company reach its goal to be a 100% emission-free vehicle brand by 2030.