From appliances to electronics: 6 of the best credit cards for large purchases

The best credit cards to use for a large purchase are ones that offer rewards and protection.

From appliances to electronics: 6 of the best credit cards for large purchases

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A large purchase can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. A new product could potentially improve your life, but it also means you will have to part with money and take on a new responsibility.

Paying with a credit-card can help to reduce your anxiety. You can get bonus rewards for using a credit card, or extend the time you have to pay your purchase. Some cards even offer purchase protections that will protect your device.

What card should you choose? What you want depends on the card. Some cards offer better rewards while others provide better protection for purchases. Some cards also offer large welcome bonuses to new cardholders.

We'll show you 6 of the best credit card options for large purchases. You can sort the cards by purchase protection, benefits and financing to find the right credit card for you.

The best credit cards to use for large purchases

The fact that a credit card has been rated as the best by this article does not mean it is the best option for you or your financial situation. The cards were chosen based on the benefits they offer, their fees and how much rewards you earn. You should still do your own research and run the numbers to determine which card is worth a spot in your wallet.

Chase Sapphire Reserve: Travel and purchase protections that are unmatched

Who is it for? Frequent travelers and those who make large ticket purchases.

Annual fee: $550

Earning rewards

All other items are worth 1 dollar.

Chase Sapphire Reserve is the best-protected card in the Chase Sapphire family. Chase's 120-day purchase protection covers eligible purchases. Your new purchase is covered against damage and theft up to a maximum of $10,000 per claim, and $50,000 per annum.

Further, the extended warranty will cover it. The manufacturer's warranty of an eligible item is extended by one year if the standard warranty is less than three years. Extended warranty protection covers you up to $50,000 per account and $10,000 per claim, just like purchase protection.

Also, large travel purchases are covered. Sapphire Reserve offers a range of travel protections, including coverage for delays and trip interruptions. If your flight, train, or other means of transport is delayed for 6+ hours, you will be reimbursed up to $500 per day. Hotel stays, meals, taxi fares and other expenses are covered.

You're also covered for situations that may cause your trip to be interrupted or cancelled. If your trip is cut short or canceled due to illness, bad weather or any other covered situation, the card's trip cancellation coverage reimburses pre-paid travel expenses. It includes transportation, hotel reservations made in advance and hotels. This protection is only available up to $20,000 per trip and $10,000 per person.

The card also offers a few other benefits, such as a rental-car damage waiver and reimbursement for lost luggage. The card is a great choice for frequent travelers who want to purchase large items.

It also comes with other benefits like Priority Pass lounges and an annual travel voucher. It also comes with a $550 fee per year, so be sure to make use of the benefits to compensate for it. It shouldn't be a problem for frequent travelers, but it might be a challenge if you travel only once or twice yearly.

Use the Sapphire Reserve to make large purchases

The downside of using the Sapphire Reserve to make large purchases is that you earn very little on all but travel and dining. If you buy a new computer with your Sapphire Reserve you will only earn one point for every dollar spent. You should consider whether the purchase protections included are worth the low earnings.

It does, however, offer some of best protections for purchases. It may be worth it to put your Sapphire Reserve card on if you intend to keep the purchase for a long time. The high limits on purchase protection will give you peace of mind during the first 120-days after purchase.

Spend $4,000 in the first 3 months after opening your account and earn 60,000 bonus points.

Amex Blue Cash: The best for 0% financing

Who it's For: Anyone looking to benefit from an extended 0% APR introductory interest rate without any annual fees (see rates and fee schedule).

No annual fee

Earning rewards

All other purchases: 1% cashback

Amex Blue Cash is an excellent option for those who are looking for extended 0% APR finance for their next major purchase. The card offers an intro 0% APR for purchases and balance transfers up to 15 months after account opening. After that, the APR will be variable between 18.74% and 29.74%.

You can split up your large purchase into multiple payments if you pay it off within the first 15 month of opening your account. There are no fees. If you have to make a large purchase unexpectedly, this is a great benefit.

You can also earn cash back if you make an online purchase. This is possible if your purchase totals up to $6,000. The card offers 3% cashback on online purchases made in the United States. It's not all online purchases that earn this 3%, but reports have said that the most popular online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart do.

Cash back rewards can be earned as Rewards Dollars, which are redeemable for statement credits. You can then use your reward to lower the price of a large purchase by up to 3%, depending on what you buy.

Amex Blue Cash Everyday offers an additional purchase protection benefit. Purchases eligible for coverage are protected against theft and damage up to $1,000 each and $50,000 per card annually. Only purchases that are damaged by a natural catastrophe are excluded. The cardholder will be covered up to $500 for each covered event.

Do you need to use Amex Blue Cash for large purchases?

Amex Blue Cash is the best option for those who need extra time to repay their purchase. The 15-month 0% APR introductory rate is among the best rates on the market. However, you must pay off the purchase before the APR increases. You're also entitled to limited purchase protection and cash back rewards.

Current welcome bonus: Get $200 back if you spend $2,000 on your new credit card within the first six months after opening your account. The $200 will be credited to your account as a statement credit.

Citi Double Cash is the best way to earn cashback

Who is it for? Consumers looking to get the maximum cashback on large purchases.

No annual fee

Earn rewards: Get 2% on all purchases, 1% for every dollar you spend, and 1% each time you pay off your credit card balance.

We use the Citi Double Cash as a benchmark when we review other credit cards. It is largely because of the earning structure. The card earns 2% on all purchases. This is split into 1% cash back when you make the purchase and 1% more when you pay off your credit card balance.

You will get a good return on your purchase. Spend $10,000 on new appliances and you will receive $200 in cash back. Cash back comes in the form Citi ThankYou points that can be exchanged for statement credits, or redeemed to get other rewards. If you have a Citi Premier (r) Card, you can use the Citi Double Cash points to transfer them to Citi's travel partners.

The card doesn't offer any significant protection for purchases or a bonus. It does, however, offer a 0% APR on balance transfers from the date of account opening for 18 months. The APR will then increase to a variable rate between 18.74% and 28.74%. The promotional APR is not applicable to purchases.

Use the Citi Double Cash to make large purchases?

Citi Double Cash is a great option if you're looking to maximize your earnings. If you have the Citi Premier card, it's a good option to maximize your cash back earnings. Note that there are no welcome bonuses or purchase protections.

Current Welcome Bonus: None

Capital One Venture: The best way to earn travel rewards

It's designed for those who want to earn flexible rewards when they make large purchases.

Annual fee: $95

Earn 2 points for every dollar spent

Capital One Venture, another travel rewards favorite. It earns two points per dollar, regardless of purchase category. It is a good option for big purchases in retail stores or places where other credit cards do not offer bonus points.

Capital One Miles can be used as a credit to offset travel charges at the rate of one cent per point. If you charge $50 Uber to your Capital One Venture Card, you can redeem up to 5,000 Capital One miles to offset the charge. Capital One Miles can be transferred to various airline or hotel partners for more value.

It also offers one of the best welcome bonuses among the major travel cards. Currently, you can earn 75,000 bonus miles if you spend $4,000 within three months after opening your account. When you redeem these points for travel, they are worth at least $750.

Capital One Venture Card offers purchase protection in addition to rewards. Theft and damage are covered on eligible purchases for 90 days after the date of purchase. It only covers claims up to $500, which is less than Chase Sapphire Reserve.

Capital One Venture card offers extended warranty coverage that can extend manufacturer warranties up to three extra years. This protection is limited at $10,000 per claim, and $50,000 per annum. It should cover the majority of purchases made with your card. Note that some items are excluded, such as used products and medical devices.

Should you use Capital One Venture to make a large-scale purchase?

Capital One Venture is a great option for those who want to maximize their travel rewards. Earn 2 points for every dollar you spend and get extended warranty coverage, which can be a great benefit when purchasing expensive items over the long term. It also offers a generous welcome bonus to jump-start your rewards account.

Spend $4,000 within the first 3 months of opening your account and earn 75,000 bonus miles.

Hilton Honors: Largest welcome bonus

Hilton Surpass gives you a generous welcome bonus to use when booking hotel rooms.

Who it's For: Those who are looking for a generous welcome bonus or free hotel stays.

Annual fee: $95

Earning rewards

All other purchases: 3 points per $1

Hilton Honors Surpass offers one of the most generous welcome bonuses. Spend $3,000 within the first six-month period after opening your account to earn 150,000 Hilton Honors bonus points. This bonus expires on 4/5/23. The Points Guy, a travel website, values this bonus at $9,000. However, you can get more by redeeming your Hilton points.

Cardholders earn 3 points for every dollar spent. Hilton Honors points usually cost 0.6 cents each, so you will get a 1.8% return. You can get a better return by maximizing your Hilton Honors points and booking luxury hotel stays.

Surpass also offers two additional spend bonuses. Spending $15,000 in one calendar year on the card will earn you a free Hilton night that can be used at any Hilton property. The card also includes Hilton Honors Gold Elite Status, which can be upgraded into Diamond status after spending $40,000 in a single calendar year.

The Hilton Honors Surpass card offers purchase protection, just like most Amex cards. Purchases eligible for purchase protection are protected against theft and damage up to $1,000 each and $50,000 per year. Damage due to natural disasters is covered by Amex Blue Cash Everyday up to $500 per covered event.

Do you need to use the Hilton Honors Surpass when making a big purchase?

If you want to earn a big welcome bonus, the Hilton Honors Surpass Card is a great card to use.