First Hawaiian Bank releases Environmental, Social and Governance report

FHB is a bank in Hawaii that is committed to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

First Hawaiian Bank releases Environmental, Social and Governance report

First Hawaiian Bank released its annual Environmental, Social and Governance, ESG, Report, which highlights 2022 activities of the bank in areas such as value-based corporate governance, social responsibility and environment stewardship.

Bob Harrison, FHB's Chairman, President, and CEO, said that the commitment of First Hawaiian to ESG is now central to their culture and business. Our 2022 ESG Report offers valuable insight into our efforts and the positive impact they have on the communities that we call home.

First Hawaiian highlights the donation of $4.8 million by FHB, the foundation, and its employees in 2022, which focuses on the bank’s commitment to provide stable housing solutions.

First Hawaiian reports that the bank's diversity and equity efforts led to a workforce of 63% females, as well as community outreach for the LGBTQ+ community both within the bank and outside.

FHB says that the bank's efforts revolve around its Pillars of Sustainability. These include: taking responsibility for the environment, investing in programs to maximize social impact, investing in the culture of the company and the employees, increasing its capacity through investing in the company, its employees and risk management.

Harrison said that "First Hawaiian's corporate management is shaped and influenced by its commitment to the community and customers." Harrison stated that "We remain true to our mission and stay focused on core values which are at heart of each decision we make."