Dolly Parton says she ‘never' wants to retire: ‘I'll just hopefully drop dead on stage'

Parton, 77, wrote her first song at age 5 and played her first show at Nashville's Grand Ole Opry when she was 13.

Dolly Parton says she ‘never' wants to retire: ‘I'll just hopefully drop dead on stage'

Dolly Parton doesn't want to give up her "9-to-5."

In a recent appearance

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The country music icon stated that she would rather perform for the rest of her days than retire, because she is "not someone who sits around and does nothing."

Parton, aged 77, declared: "I'd never retire." "I will hopefully die in the middle of one of my songs on stage, hopefully one that I wrote."

Parton explained that a few things would convince her to retire from the music business after more than 60 years.

She said, "As long I can work, my husband and I are healthy, so long as we're both happy." "I would only ever stop or slow down if I had to do so for this reason." In the meantime, I will make the most of the sunshine.

She wrote her first song when she was five years old and performed her first concert at Nashville's Grand Ole Opry at the age of 13.

She has since received 53 Grammy Award Nominations, four Emmy Award Nominations, and one Tony Award. She's sold over 100 million albums.

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The Dollywood Foundation

Where she started the book-gifting programme

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library


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Parton stated that she has "lots of dreams" for her future, including her own television show and makeup line.

Parton said that she is motivated to continue working because she wants to achieve all her professional goals.

She said, "I've always believed that you have to be responsible if you want your dreams to become true. If you are fortunate enough to make that happen, you must keep the dream alive." "Every dream is a seed for another."

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