Detroit school closed due to high levels of flu-like symptoms reports two cases of bacterial illness

Two students in a Detroit school have been diagnosed with the bacterial illness Haemophilus influenzae, which prompted the temporary closure of the school.

Detroit school closed due to high levels of flu-like symptoms reports two cases of bacterial illness


The district has confirmed that two students have been diagnosed with Haemophilus flue, a bacterial infection.

Chrystal Wilson said that two students from Marcus Garvey Academy have been diagnosed with H. influenza, according to Chrystal, the assistant superintendent for communications at Detroit Public Schools Community District.

Wilson reported that less than 25 out of the 310 students at the pre-K to eighth-grade level were sick.

She said that the school would reopen on Monday.

She said that earlier this week the school had a 'high rate of flu like symptoms, including fevers and vomiting among students, especially at the lower grades'

In a press release, the district also said that the closure was prompted by the death of a kindergartener at Marcus Garvey Academy last week.

The cause of death for the student is still pending. This was announced by the Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office on Friday.

Wilson stated that the student had flu-like symptoms when he arrived at school.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that Haemophilus flue (or H. influenzae) is a bacterial infection which can cause illnesses like bronchitis and ear infections or even more serious bloodstream diseases. This is not the influenza virus.

These bacteria are usually harmless and live in the nose and throat of people. The CDC states that bacteria can spread to other parts and cause an infection.

Children under five or adults over 65 are usually infected by the bacteria.

According to the CDC vaccines against Haemophilus Influenzae type B (Hib), are recommended starting at two months of age, but do not protect children from other types H. Flu.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Detroit Health Department stated that it was working with the district to monitor illnesses. It also reminded the public of the availability of vaccines.

The Detroit Health Department provides vaccinations for children and adults against many childhood illnesses, it stated. The Detroit Health Department also offers vaccinations at primary care providers and pediatric centers.