DeSantis to Make 1st Public Appearance in South Carolina

. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is set to make his first public appearance in South Carolina.

Ron DeSantis will make his public debut in South Carolina, where he is expected to launch a 2024 presidential campaign.

The Associated Press was informed Sunday by Josh Kimbrell, a state senator, that he would host DeSantis at an event in Spartanburg on April 19, in South Carolina's Republican Upstate.

DeSantis's first public visit to South Carolina (home of the leadoff South presidential primary candidate) comes amid a busy travel schedule in which the governor has been on his 'Florida Blueprint tour to Pennsylvania, New York, and Michigan in recent weeks.

DeSantis is expected to run for the presidency in 2016, so the opportunity has presented itself for him to present some of his policy accomplishments in Florida. This could be a way for DeSantis and potential GOP competitors, such as former President Donald Trump.

Kimbrell said to the AP on Sunday that he was hoping to bring DeSantis in South Carolina for months. He argued that politically savvy Republicans living in early voting states are used to being given multiple opportunities to meet presidential candidates in person.

Kimbrell said that he had told everyone in his team, "You've got get here early and often," Kimbrell added. Kimbrell has also joined forces with a political action committee to urge DeSantis to run for the election. "I have tried to emphasize to them that if you want win, you need to get there early." For months, South Carolina has hosted GOP candidates including Trump, the former governor of South Carolina. Nikki Haley, former Arkansas Governor. Asa Hutchinson. Many of the people expected to join the field have been on trips, including Mike Pence, former Vice President. After a swing through Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, Senator Tim Scott will return home to South Carolina this week for a summit of donors as he considers making a bid.

This would be DeSantis’ first South Carolina public event. However, he was there last year to support a gubernatorial candidate. Some of Trump's most prominent donors attended the event near Charleston.

Kimbrell said that he agreed with Trump on policy, but not on how he approached things personally. DeSantis, however, is in a good position to be a better option to Trump. However, he needs to spend more time in South Carolina.

Kimbrell stated that Ron DeSantis was as popular in his district as Trump. "But you can't just send it in. He will have to get serious, press the flesh and roll up his sleeves.