DataHighway (DHX) One Day Trading Volume Hits $661,613.13

DataHighway coin can now be bought for about $0.0017 or 0.00000024 BTC on popular cryptocurrency exchanges including Mercatox and EtherDelta. DataHighway (DHX) has traded down 0.4% against the dollar in the past day, and 2.2% in the past week. One coin can now be bought for $0.0017 or 0.00000024

() fell 0.4% against dollar in the 1-day period ending at 23.00 Eastern time on the 27th of April. In the past week, DataHighway's value against the dollar has fallen by 2.2%. DataHighway has a market cap of approximately $143,19 million.

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Launch date was set for April 1, 2021. DataHighway has a total supply of 100,000,000 coins, and its circulating stock is 32,207.481 coins. The official DataHighway website is

CryptoCompare reports that 'DataHighway is a cryptocurrency which was launched in 2021. DataHighway currently has 100,000,000 in supply, with 0 in the circulation. DataHighway's last known price is 4.44547257 US dollars, which is 0.47 higher than the previous 24 hour average. It is currently traded on 3 active markets with $576.595.94 in trades over the past 24 hours. You can find more information at the URL.

DataHighway Coin Trading

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