Brightland dropped a new pizza oil that's perfect on pies and beyond

This new olive oil is meant to give your pizza a flavor boost with a custom blend of California olives, jalepeos, garlic, oregano and basil.

Brightland dropped a new pizza oil that's perfect on pies and beyond

Brightland's Instagram-favorite vinegars, olive oils and honey are kitchen staples. So it's not surprising that the company's latest release is a winner: Pizza Oil, a blend of Californian olives that have been freshly crushed, along with garlic, jalepenos and basil, will enhance the flavor of your favorite pies.

We had a feeling it would be tasty, and I drizzled it on my favorite slices.

Before I even started my Brightland Pizza Oil tasting, I noticed the first major difference between the new product and the old favorites: The packaging. Brightland's new squeeze bottle makes it easier to drizzle. Although the end result may not be as beautiful as the #brightlandoliveoil bottles that dominate Instagram, you can't beat a good squeeze container for convenience.

The brand describes the oil as a "zesty, spicy oil that will elevate your pizza game." After rigorously testing my taste-testing duties, I agree. This condiment is flavorful and adds heat to your food without being too hot. (I'm not the most brave when it comes spice tolerance). This oil is not overpowering, but instead strikes the perfect balance between flavors. It adds depth to the subtle green pepper heat, with bursts earthy notes.

I did not stop at just trying it on the pizzas. Don't limit yourself just because the oil is called pizza. I used it to dress salads and to add excitement to what otherwise would be lame eggs.

The bottle made it easy to go from a small dab to a heavy drizzle on each plate. I loved how the oil transformed roasted potatoes from a simple side dish into something that tasted like a restaurant. Neither my cooking skill nor effort can be credited for this.

Aishwarya A. Iyer, Brightland's founder and CEO tells CNN Underscored, "We wanted to create a fun product, one that was full of flavor, and that brought a new level of deliciousness to each table." Pizza Oil, a perfect blend of olive oil and spices herbs, has become a staple at our pizza parties. The cheesy, spicy goodness that we already love is elevated with a generous drizzle.

Brightland has a wide range of bottles that you can purchase. Grab a bottle at Brightland before they sell out. For just $32, you can get a 12-ounce container and use it to add a little zest to any dish.