Bacterial outbreak causes 31 infections in a Seattle hospital

A medical center in Seattle has 31 confirmed cases of a bacterial infection. The most recent case was on April 3.

Bacterial outbreak causes 31 infections in a Seattle hospital


According to a press release by the Virginia Mason Medical Center, a Seattle medical center has reported 31 confirmed cases since October of a bacterial illness. The latest confirmed case was on April 3.

Sydney Bersante said that the interim president of Virginia Mason Medical Center, Sydney Bersante stated in a statement, "Beginning October 2022, Virginia Mason Medical Center discovered an increase in Klebsiella bacteria cases at our downtown campus." We immediately increased our safety measures and notified those patients who tested positive for bacteria.

Bersante said that the 'risk for transmission is extremely low' and the medical center was investigating the source of the transmission to prevent further cases.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Klebsiella bacteria can cause infections in the bloodstream, surgical sites, and wounds.

The CDC stated that Klebsiella is commonly found in patients receiving treatment for another condition.

According to the CDC, patients in a healthcare facility can be exposed to Klebsiella through direct contact with other people or via ventilators and intravenous caths.

Seattle and King County Public Health Department is working closely with the Medical Center to manage the outbreak.

In a news release issued by the hospital, Dr. Eric Chow said, 'These outbreaks are complex and despite thorough investigations, we may not know the source.'