AI News: Artificial Intelligence Trends And Leading Stocks

This post discusses the latest trends in artificial intelligence and the leaders driving them.

Investors, beware! Artificial intelligence (AI), as more and companies claim to use it, is generating a lot of buzz. Some companies use older data analytics software and call it AI to boost their public relations. It can be difficult to identify companies that are actually generating revenue growth through AI. Adobe (ADBE) is the latest company to enter this field.

Elon Musk Founds new company to challenge GOOGL and Microsoft's ChatGPT

AI is a technology that uses computer algorithms to mimic the human capacity to learn and predict. AI software requires computing power to analyze large amounts of data and find patterns.

Deep learning networks and machine learning are the two most popular AI tools.

Nvidia's (NVDA), a company with a history of AI-driven growth, is one such company. Cloud computing is a big business for Internet and tech companies. Nvidia AI chips are also helping to guide some self driving cars in early tests. Is Nvidia Stock worth buying right now?

AI Stocks to Watch as Big Tech Prepares for Artificial Intelligence Regulation

Startups are racing against each other to develop AI chips that can be used in data centers, robots, smartphones and drones. Apple (AAPL), Alphabet-parent Google (GOOGL), Facebook(FB) and Microsoft(MSFT) are leading the way in applying AI software for speech recognition, web search and image classification. is a leader in AI, with cloud computing services and voice-activated digital assistants.

There are also tech companies who embed AI into their products to improve them. Netflix (NFLX), PayPal (PYPL), CRM and Facebook are among the companies that use AI.

Tech companies' customers -- including those in banking and finance, healthcare, energy, retail and agriculture -- will likely increase their spending on AI, to gain a competitive advantage or to improve productivity.

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