5 Ideas for Creating a Health Improvement Game Plan

Kids exercising at school is a good way to keep them healthy, but they should also do it at home.

5 Ideas for Creating a Health Improvement Game Plan

Every day, children are encouraged to exercise. Fun and healthy activities include running around during recess or playing outside afterschool. As we age, these experiences become fewer and farther between. We no longer play on the playground at midday, or participate in sports during weekends. But...we should.

We're instead managing our work and home chores, keeping up with busy social schedules and planning the future. No wonder health and wellbeing are pushed to the side in favor of other priority. But this doesn't need to be the case.

It is not easy to get healthier, but it pays off. A plan that you can follow to improve your own health is a great way to ensure that you will stick with it. So, you can make changes that will last not just for this season but throughout your life. Here are some ways to start.

Know Your Why

Most people begin their health improvement journeys in good faith. Many people start their health improvement journeys with the best of intentions. Wanting to lose weight and doing it are completely different things.

You must first know your motivation for becoming healthier. Do you want to be there for your family as long as possible? Tired of feeling tired or sluggish? You may need to reset your life and return to a healthy lifestyle. All of these reasons can be valid and fuel your desire to make a change.

Also, you want to keep in mind where you started. Write down your daily feelings. Take note of things that bother or irritate you, such as back pain from prolonged sitting and lack of energy. The negative effects of bad habits will then be the focus of your plan to improve your health.

It's much more powerful if you combine the reasons why you are creating a plan with specifics about what you wish to improve. By combining your goals with the strategies you need to achieve them, you are putting into action what you have set. This is crucial to truly transforming your health.

  1. Tackle Nutrition

Our bodies require food to run their daily activities and keep things running smoothly. Nutrition or lack of nutrition has a huge impact on everything from digestion to your daily mood. Eating to fuel your mind can improve focus and productivity. It's therefore only natural to consider what you're eating when improving your health.

Write down a day in your life where you eat a lot. Every single thing, from your morning coffee up to your late night snacks, should be included. Look at the nutrition labels and see if you are getting enough nutrients. You should pay attention to the amount of protein, sugar, and fiber you consume to determine if your intake is balanced.

You can then identify the choices that could hinder your health journey, and reduce them. It doesn't need to be drastic. Try to reduce your soda intake to just one and a quarter a day instead of two. Next, reduce it to just one. Consider a healthier alternative, such as sparkling water, to completely break your habit.

These small changes can have a huge impact. Remember that there is no perfect diet. Include a variety of foods that you enjoy and eat as fuel to improve your health.

Incorporate Movement

Exercise is just as important as a healthy diet. It's not always easy to find the time, especially when you are already crammed with a busy schedule. There are easy ways to increase your movement without spending hours at the gym.

Walking is one example. Walking at a moderate speed once or twice daily can be very beneficial to your health. It is easier on the joints to do steady-state cardio than more aggressive exercises like running or jumping.

Even daily habits can have an impact. When both elevators and stairs are available, choose the stairs. When you are having a lazy home day, take the long route back to your couch. Even though they may seem small, developing habits that keep your body moving is always good for your health.

If you want to do more than a little extra exercise, consider investing in a gym or home equipment. Many online workouts are available for free. You would be surprised what you can do with a dumbbell and a few moments.

  1. Manage Stress

Stress has a profound impact on our bodies. Cortisol, the main stress hormone in the body, can have serious effects on the body. You may wonder what you can do. You are not alone. You're not alone.

Stress management takes time, just like everything else. It's not possible to eliminate all stress and tension with a magic cure. It is important to identify the sources of stress and try to reduce them.

Burnout may be inevitable if your workload is heavy. Take a day without any work. You can also take a break from the routine to make your workday easier. Simple changes can often be the best solution.

When they aren't, it might be time to explore other options. It is possible to achieve a good balance between your work and health by setting boundaries. Reduce your workload and the stress it brings. Decide to cancel meetings that are scheduled after a certain hour and schedule a 30 minute break for lunch. Finding out how to reduce stress in your daily life will improve both your health and life quality.

Visit your health appointments

Why skip your child's next doctor's appointment? You'd never do it! You're pushing a vet appointment that your pet needs? I wouldn't do it. Why is it that you are not the same?

You can do a lot to improve your own health from the comfort of home. There's no better way to make a point than by enlisting professionals who have the knowledge and experience needed. It's for this reason that annual health appointments are a crucial part of any improvement plan.

Most people will benefit from an annual visit to their:


Some people will also seek specialists for specific goals. It's simple: go to the doctor. Medical professionals can help you learn more about your health.

Keep it Up

It's hard to change, but you have to if you want to reach your goals. Your health improvement journey might not be linear but it will make you happier and healthier. It will always be worth it.